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    Final Fantasy VII: Enemy Skill completa

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    Fonte: Square Enix, Square Co.

    Enemy Skill is a Command Materia different from the others. When the character equipped with it is hit by a specific spell. As soon as this happens, the material “learns” that particular spell, and it can be performed by any character who has it equipped.

    But it's not just any spell, they are specific spells that can be learned, we'll leave here the list of spells and how to get them:

    Fonte: Square Enix, Square Co.


    • Some of the spells to learn you will need to use the Manipulate materia on the enemy and force him to use the move in question on you.
    • To learn the spell, the character to be hit must have the material equipped.
    • To make it easier to equip 2 or 3 subjects on the same character to learn them all at once.

    Frog Song (5 MP)
    Turns enemies into frogs and causes Sleep. It may fail.
    Apprenticeship: Toch Me in the forests of Gonganga; Toxic frog in Temple of the Ancients; Christopher in Northern Crater (CD 3 only).

    L4 Suicide (10 MP)
    Deals damage to enemies with a level multiple of 4. May cause Minimum.
    Apprenticeship: Mu near Chocobo Farm; Trickplay in Icicle.

    Magic Hammer (3 MP)
    Takes away an enemy's MP that is transferred to your character.
    Apprenticeship: Razor Weed near Wutai (dark areas).

    White Wind (34 MP)
    Recovers a certain amount of HP on all allies and removes all negative statuses.
    Apprenticeship: Zemzelett in Junon (grassy area); Wind Wing in Whirlwind Maze (from CD 2).

    Big Guard (56 MP)
    All allies gain Haste, Barrier, and MBarrier.
    Apprenticeship: Beach Plug off the coast of Costa Del Sol.

    Angel Whisper (50 MP)
    This spell has three functions: Resurrect a dead ally; recovers a certain amount of HP from a living ally or removes all negative stats from an ally. However, the amount of HP recovered becomes your total HP until the end of the battle.
    Apprenticeship: Pollensalta in Northern Crater (CD 3 only).

    Dragon Force (19 MP)
    Increases your Def and MDef for a while.
    Apprenticeship: Blue Dragon at Gaea's Cliff; Dark Dragon in Northern Cave (Cd 3 only).

    Death Force (3 MP)
    Protection from attacks that kill instantly.
    Apprenticeship: Adamantaimai no litoral de Wutai.

    Flame Thrower (10 MP)
    Fire damage to an enemy.
    Apprenticeship: Ark Dragon em Mithril Mines; Dragon em Mount Nibel.

    Laser (16 MP)
    Cuts enemy's HP in half. It works like the Gravity spell.
    Apprenticeship: Death Claw em Desert Prison; Dark Dragon em Northern Crater.

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    Matra Magic (8 MP) 
    Non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Apprenticeship: Custom Sweeper in Midgar; Bullmotor in Desert Prison; Death Machine in Desert Prison (CD 2 only).

    Bad Breath (56 MP)
    Causes Confusion, Frog, Mini, Poison, Silence, and Sleep on all enemies. It may fail.
    Apprenticeship: Marlboro in Gaea's Cliff, Crater (DC 2 only).

    Beta (35 MP)
    High fire damage to all enemies.
    Apprenticeship: Zolom at Chocobo farm.

    Aqualung (34 MP)
    High ice damage to all enemies.
    Apprenticeship: Jenova Life in City of the Ancients (CD 1 only); Harpy near Gold Saucer; Serpent on Gelnika AirShip (from CD 2).

    Trine (20 MP)
    High lightning damage to all opponents.
    Apprenticeship: Materia Keeper on Mount Nibe; Godo in Wutai; Stilva on Gaea's Cliff (DC 2 only).

    Magic Breath (75 MP)
    High fire, lightning and ice damage to all enemies.
    Apprenticeship: Stilva at Gaea's Cliff; Parasite in Northern Crater (CD 3 only).

    ???? (3 MP)
    Non-elemental damage (the lower your HP. The higher the spell damage).
    Apprenticeship: Jersey at Shinra Mansion; Behemoth in Midgar Sister Ray (CD 2 only).

    Goblin Punch (0MP)
    An enemy takes double damage for some time if it has the same level as the character who cast the spell. Otherwise, low non-elemental damage.
    Apprenticeship: Goblin on an island to the northeast of the map (Goblin Island).

    Chocobuckle (3 MP)
    Non-elemental damage to an enemy. Each time you run away from battle, this spell will get stronger.
    Apprenticeship: Chocobos.

    L5 Death (22 MP)
    Instantly kills all enemies with a level multiple of 5. Does not work against bosses.
    Apprenticeship: Parasite in Northern Crater (CD 3 only).

    Death Sentence (10 MP)
    Creates a counter on the enemy's head. When the counter reaches zero, the enemy dies.
    Apprenticeship: Gi Spector in Cave of Gi; Sneaky Step in Cave of Gi; Boundfat on the outskirts of Bone village.

    Roulette (6MP)
    Instantly kills a random person including their characters.
    Apprenticeship: Death Dealer in Northern Crater (CD 3 only).

    Shadow Flare (100MP)
    High non-elemental damage to an enemy.
    Apprenticeship: Dragon Zombie in Northern Crater (CD 3 only); Ultimate Weapon.

    Pandora Box (120 MP)
    High non-elemental damage to all enemies.
    Apprenticeship: Dragon Zombie in Northern Crater (CD 3 only).

    Image Credits: Square EnixSquare Co.

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