Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Switch Characters in Battle

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The default for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is for the player to control Cloud, but it is entirely possible to switch to any other party member.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released in April 2020 for PlayStation 4, but for beginner players it may not be very easy to adapt to the battle system. Trading in the traditional turn-based RPG combat system of the original 1997 version for a much more active one, the system can take some getting used to, especially for those unfamiliar with the game.

One of the biggest changes is that instead of inherently rotating through the Final Fantasy 7 Remake team cast to initiate physical and magical attacks, the player is in control of just one character. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to change characters or issue commands. See how to do this.

Let's start at the beginning: Cloud is the controllable character when players are out of battle. While players can do things like heal teammates by going to the menu, they can't really swap with Cloud to run like Barret, Tifa, or Aerith outside of combat.

Character Change in Battle

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It turns out that switching characters in the middle of a fight is an extremely easy task. Players can switch characters any time they choose by simply pressing a directional pad on the D-Pad. Regardless of what Cloud is doing, the game will automatically switch to another team member and allow the player to take control of what they are doing.

While players are busy with another team member, Cloud will be taken over by the FF7 Remake's AI, so players don't have to worry about that. Just toggle the D-Pad again to switch back to Cloud (or another character) as needed.

Issuing Commands

While full character switching is an option, players can simply issue commands if that's how they prefer to handle a given moment in battle. To do this, simply tap O to open the Command Menu and tap L2 or R2 to switch to another character. From there, the player can simply choose a command as they would when controlling Cloud, and the team member's AI will take care of the rest.

Swapping characters will allow players to carefully time their Limit Breaks and synchronize attacks, so it's something players should learn to utilize early on.

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