Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 10 Materials You Should Use

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake features an abundance of Materia. Here are 10 pieces you should definitely wear.

With Final Fantasy 7 Remake came the return of Materia in combat. These little spheres help you, giving you advantages on the battlefield. Some allow you to cast magic, some increase your ATB gauge, and some, when combined, can unleash devastating attacks that leave your enemies wondering why they even bothered attacking you.

Throughout the game, you'll come across a number of useful orbs, but it's not exactly clear which ones you should use. With a limited amount of Materia slots on each character, it can be difficult to choose which Materia you think will be the best. Here are some of them to help you get started on the right path.

10 – Assess

At the beginning of the game, in Chapter 3, you gain access to Chadley's Assess Materia. He tasks you with using it on various enemies so he can use the information to create new Materia for you to use. In addition to giving you access to even more Materia in the future, this little gem can be very useful in in-game combat. When using the Assess skill, it shows all information about the enemies you examine. This gives you access to your weaknesses, strengths, and health pool.

9 – Auto-Cure

Auto-Cure is another Materia you can get at the beginning of Chapter 3. After you receive Chadley's quest and assess some creatures, he will create the Auto-Cure Materia. This Materia allows anyone using it to automatically heal a few times in a battle. This can potentially save your life if you tend to ignore your health bar. Equipping it with Barrett makes it a healing stronghold, allowing you to deal more damage and worry less about getting your allies to heal you.

8 – Elemental

This Materia is not available until Chapter 6, but it is by far one of the most useful. When placed in a Materia slot linked with a magical Materia (fire, wind, lightning, or ice), it deals extra damage with that element with each attack. It also absorbs the element, allowing you to take less damage. This is extremely useful when dealing with enemies that have elemental weaknesses and can drop your health bar. As you rank Materia, the damage bonus increases by up to an additional 23%.

7 – Magnify

Magnify is another Materia you will want to have in a linked Materia slot. That's because it amplifies any magical Materia (fire, wind, lightning, ice) you've attached to it. Since you get this mid-game, your fire Materia is probably leveled up and if you like that Materia, you can rip those Shinra soldiers off like they were made of paper.

You can also follow the healing path, which causes your healing to bounce off each member of your party. Mix this with Auto-Cure and you have a recipe for immortality.

6 – Magic-Up

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This Materia doesn't unlock until Chapter 7, but it's worth the wait for someone focused on using magic. With the ability to stack several on a single character, you can potentially increase your magic attack power by an incredible 100%. The magical boost you get from this Materia will help you destroy anyone in your path. Try equipping Aerith and she could become the world's greatest magic user. With the boost of these Materia and the game's magical weapons, any character can quickly transform into a dangerous sorcerer.

5 - First Strike

First Strike Materia is something that is an absolute treasure in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This Materia causes anyone equipped with it to start with a partially filled ATB gauge each battle. This allows you to quickly access your spells and abilities at the start of a fight. The advantage this offers is enormous. You can quickly assess and know everything about who you are fighting. Or if you already know the enemy's weakness, you can blast them with some magic or any of the great skills in the game.

4 – Prayer

Prayer is a great way to recover HP for your party without having to sacrifice MP. The downside to this capability is that two ATB meters are required to use. When combined with first strike Materia or any Materia that increases the ATB gauge, you can quickly get the ATB needed for this skill.

Think of this Materia as having the Auto-Cure Materia and Magnify Materia in one skill. It's a shame it doesn't unlock until chapter 8.

3 – Chakra

Chakra doesn't get enough love when it should. It's another quick way to heal without using MP. This Materia only works on the team member it's equipped to, so it's not as strong as Prayer. But when you're the only member of your team still struggling and in need of healing, this can be an absolute lifesaver. This Materia doesn't unlock until Chapter 8, but it's great when equipped with Cloud or Tifa.

2 – ATB Assist

ATB assist is another Materia that is acquired in Chapter 8. When equipped on a character, it recharges his ATB gauge whenever he uses an ATB command. This can be useful on Cloud and Tifa. Whenever this Materia is ranked, it can give a bonus of one and a half ATB gauge when using two consecutive ATB commands.

1 – Refocus

Have you ever thought that two ATB meters are not enough? With Refocus Materia, you can use the refocus limit break in battle, which will give you a third ATB gauge. It also only uses half the limit meter, so you can still quickly get to another limit break right after using it. When this Materia is mixed with the Gotterdammerung accessory, the refocus can be used immediately in battle, giving you an extra edge.

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