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    Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.5 will finally mark pickup areas on your map

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    The preliminary notes for Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.5 were posted by Square Enix, and one change in particular should make the MMORPG game much more enjoyable overall.

     Gathering areas will now be specifically marked on the in-game map, eliminating the need for third-party resources.

    The addition is listed in the item sections, where it is written that players can now see where a specific item can be found in any area via the collection log. 

    “Selecting the location of a particular item in the collection log will display the map of that area,” the text reads. “A circle indicating the general location where said item can be gathered will also be displayed.”

    This is a relief for fantasy game players.

    Until now, the information available for items and resources has only included the region or sector, forcing you to start exploring when you arrive in hopes of eventually finding what you need. 

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    Players often used wikis and other sites maintained by community members to learn more specific locations. Now everything will be in the game, no toggling to switch between meeting sessions

    Given that these are just a slice of what's to come in patch 5.5, dubbed Death Unto Dawn, we don't have much more to reveal. 

    An ocean fishing spot might be visited by some dolphins and seagulls, and the usual new main setting quests and other things to do and see are lightly teased. 

    We will get the full patch notes closer to the time the full update is released.

    Here's a trailer:

    The first part of Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.5 is due April 13
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