Final Fantasy 14: How to Unlock the Rainmaker Hairstyle

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Final Fantasy 14 players looking to get their hands on the Rainmaker hairstyle will have to follow these steps for a new look.

Final Fantasy 14 , like many MMOs, gives players plenty of options to customize their character, including a wide variety of outfits and hairstyles. As such, many Final Fantasy 14 players become more invested in their characters than they are in other games. 

The character becomes an extension of himself and a representative not only of his personality, but of his virtual self. It is this customization that allows a character to become instantly recognizable.

Because of this agency given to players, Final Fantasy 14 does not lack character customization options. Those who spend time in the virtual world of Eorzea are able to change their character's appearance on a whim. 

While clothes and glamor in general are important aspects of this, something that makes a character is their hairstyle. There are many default options for players, but Final Fantasy 14 it also offers several others through vendors and special events.

Where to find the Rainmaker hairstyle

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One of the most unique hairstyles available to players is the Rainmaker Hair. This style incorporates a wild high ponytail with a cascade of hair cascading down halfway down the face. 

It is very reminiscent of characters like Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur and Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown. The Rainmaker Hairstyle can be purchased from the Manderville Gold Saucer for 5.000 MGP. It is sold by the modern aesthetic seller in X:5.4, Y:6.5.

There are many ways to MGP in Gold Saucer, so 5.000 MGP is a drop in the bucket. Fortunately for players, many of these can be done in a single visit. 

Players can use the Mini Cactpot, participate in the weekly fashion show, buy Jumbo Cactpot tickets, play Doman Mahjong, battle in Triple Triad, and even compete with chocobos. The wide variety of methods will surely keep things from looking stale while granting healthy sums of MGP.

How to apply the Rainmaker hairstyle

With the item in hand, players simply need to use the Modern Aesthetics, Rainmaker to add it to your list of available styles. Players will need to visit an inn in any of the major cities and use the Esthetician Bell in the room. . 

For a mere 2.000 gil, players will be able to change a variety of options, including the hairstyle. Unfortunately for Hrothgar and Viera players, hairstyles are like hats as only select options are available, and Rainmaker is one of the unavailable ones.

Final Fantasy 14 is currently available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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