FIFA Ultimate Team generates huge profits for EA

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A EA reports that the Ultimate Team of titles like FIFA, NHL e Madden generated $1,62 billion in net revenue in fiscal 2021.

A EA informed that its appeal Ultimate Team for titles like FIFA e Madden  generated $1,62 billion in net revenue in fiscal 2021. Most of this revenue is reportedly from the FIFA Ultimate Team, and is the highest figure reported by the company since the feature was introduced.

The resource Ultimate Team in the titles of EA gives players the chance to build their desired sports team by acquiring mystery packs of player cards and items. 

They must be purchased with in-game currency or real-life money and only give the buyer the chance to acquire the players they want. Different packs offer different chances of getting players in certain rarity ranges and value levels.

The report EA details that Ultimate Team's net revenue represented nearly 30% of the company's total net revenue during fiscal 2021.

The main source of this revenue was the offer of Ultimate Team do FIFA , but other EA sports games also helped to grow in this area. In the previous fiscal year, the company earned $1,49 billion from this feature, which in turn surpassed its 1,37 revenue of $2019 billion.

This growth is likely to continue, according to the report, for the foreseeable future. It's important to note that Ultimate Team is the company's most popular live service. 

Pack prices vary widely, from a variety of free packs on offer to the Ultimate pack in the promo section which goes for 125.000 coins or 2.500 points FIFA.

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How much does EA earn from Ultimate Team across FIFA, Madden and NFL?

EA Net Revenue from Ultimate Team:

FY 2021: $1.62bn
FY 2020: $1.49bn
FY 2019: $1.37bn
FY 2018: $1.18bn
MY 2017: $ 775m
MY 2016: $ 660m
MY 2015: $ 587m

The majority is from FIFA Ultimate Team ofc.

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) May 26, 2021

While it shouldn't surprise anyone familiar with the FIFA, NHL, or Madden franchises, this all points to the continuation of Ultimate Team across all of EA's esports franchises. 

The fact that it made nearly 30% of the company's revenue, though, would likely surprise fans of the feature. Any fan of Ultimate Team should probably expect more investment and focus on it from EA as growth in this area has been impressive for years.

It's hard to argue with $1,62 billion in revenue and it makes absolutely sense that the FIFA be leading the way here. 

As one of its most popular offerings, the sport's sheer popularity around the world points to the franchise leading the way. This is great news for those who enjoy the loot packs, the grinding, and the act of building a better and better team as more Ultimate Teams are on the way.

But this is probably frustrating for those who don't support the feature or have issues with the amount of money the EA is getting from the players. 

As a recourse, however, it is up to the individual player or the individual's tutor to participate and make purchases as they see fit. Either way, however, EA continues to be successful in growing Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 already  is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

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