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The team with the best OVR here, OVR there… most people on FIFA Mobile tend to mainly look for their OVR rating.

So how can you defeat a superior OVR team or just be defeated by a inferior OVR team?

The reason is simple, OVR is more like a recommendation in FIFA Mobile, and while it's a solid indication for lesser players, you can move forward from here.

Why not always choose the OVR

Let's say you're about to decide which player you want to trade and you're not sure which one will be the best, with one having a slightly higher OVR than the other.

If you're a FIFA Mobile beginner, you'll likely pick the tallest OVR player without thinking too much about it, so here's a very useful and simplified overview of what stats really matter in positions. Yes, sometimes a lower OVR or player from another position might work better.

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Which stats really matter

We will assess below which statistics really matter for each position. Thus, we can see that even if a player has a stat that makes him have a higher OVR than another player, it will not always be better.

Goalkeeper (GK)

Your goalkeeper is the last defensive resource and you really need to choose him wisely. Instead of looking at the OVR, you prefer to check:

  • GK Positioning
  • reflexes
  • Reactions

These three are the main stats you need to look at to determine if the goalie is really good or not.

Defenders (CB)

Right in front of your goalie are the defenders, which you should look out for these three stats:

  • Appointment
  • header
  • Rhythm

Marking is the player's ability to mark and cut off opponents' passes properly and the higher the player's position, the better his position and limit the chances of his opponent passing through his defensive lines.

Heading should be clear, it's the ability to win the ball in the air and your defenders are always last when the ball comes into your area, whether from a corner or cross.

The last is speed (pace). You don't want the enemy attacker to be able to outrun your defender easily and some of them are very slow, although they have good general stats so make sure you have a fast defender, it's worth it.

Sides (RB and LB)

Unlike the central defenders, their full-backs will be more important to not let a player play on the sides of the field, but also to help in the attack. For your full-backs, check out these stats:

  • Aceleração
  • Appointment
  • Posicionamento
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Marking and positioning are important because they help you to actively defend yourself in Versus Mode, rather than being quite passive there.

Acceleration is also important for blocking a long pass or including it in your own attacks.

Defensive Midfielder (CDM)

Your last defensive line in front of your defense should have good stats on:

  • Aggression
  • slide attack
  • interceptions

Typically, the CDM is used as a secondary line of defense, so speed is not a primary concern in this position.

Aggression will help you keep the initial pressure on attacking players while sliding attack and interceptions will make that player really cumbersome to deal with before the defensive line even comes into play.

Central Midfielder (CM)

  • Short/Long Pass
  • ball control
  • long kick

Your central midfielder sets the pace for your team and will be responsible for any opening move that leads to an attack, so the most important stats here are passing and controlling the ball and making sure it reaches its destination.

Attacking Midfielder (CAM)

  • long kick
  • Kicking Power
  • ball control

This position is much more goal-focused, so you want a player here who is able to pass the ball to an attacker or get past the defense line with ball control itself.

Often this is also the player who will make an attempt with a hit ball or who will place the ball in the center area, so the power of the shot is also very important to him. Pace is not that important in this position.

Side Stockings (RM and LM)

  • Speed
  • Dribble
  • Finishing

This is where speed is most important to get a good position on the flanks to put the ball in the centre, so you want a really agile player here who is quick and can also beat an opponent with dribbling and speed.

Attackers (ST and all others)

Now, let's take a look at the players who usually score goals for you:

  • Finishing
  • Aceleração
  • Dribble

Central strikers and all positions work similarly here when it comes to their stats. Obviously, finishing is the most important stat over the others and speed can also be very useful when you want to make a quick attempt at goal. A good dribble helps, but always focus on that, unless it's a winger where dribbling can be a little more important.

Those were our tips on team building in FIFA Mobile. We hope they help you build or improve your in-game team. Comment what tips or content you would like to see on our website. Take care and until next time!

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