FIFA Mobile: How to win more games in VS Attack mode

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VS Attack mode is a game mode where some players may struggle to advance.

The reason? Higher ranked opponents with stronger teams that give you the feeling that you need to buy much better players in order to compete.

No! actually this is a good sign and it means you are a better player because you are on the same level as them but you did it with a weaker team making you a better player.

Still, this is not the end and you can go much further and we intend to show you how to do that in this guide. Come on!

More wins in VS Attack mode

In general, what you want to do is get as many goal attempts as possible. Especially when your opponent is significantly stronger than you, you will see more situations where you need to defend yourself. So time is money (or goals).

The more scoring chances you have, the more likely you are to score more goals than your opponent, if you understand that you are halfway to winning the match, and here are some tricks that will help you.

the kick off

When you start, simply pass the ball directly to your opponent.

Source: Screenshot of the game

You must be thinking: How so???!

The reason is simple… It takes so long to get through and dribble past the defense lines that you don't want to lose, most of the time you won't score on the first try. By deliberately losing the ball, you will save precious time that you can use for one or even two attempts in a better situation.

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take your chances

If you're playing good chances, don't waste them running. You may not have many and they need to turn into a goal if you want to win. Don't panic or try to take a quick lucky shot here, it's often just you and the goalie and maybe another defender and you're almost never without another player on your team so you can easily pass the ball for a simple goal.

Also, wait when you're running towards the goalkeeper... he will come out of the goal and you can easily rainbow the ball over him by simply touching the goal instead of kicking. These covering goals are very safe.

long kicks

The famous saying is that offense wins games and in most matches you will only have 1-2 defensive situations to resolve and the others are to score as many goals as you can.

So here are some great tips that will help you achieve more goals. Short kicks are your best friend, so try to use them as your favorite weapon. Even with Bronze players under 90 long shots, you can score 7 out of 10 goals over 25-30 yards and it costs a lot less time. As you know, more time in FIFA Mobile means more chances to score more goals. Imagine how long it takes to make passes and dribbles into the penalty area only to get it wrong there. Within that time you can make 2-3 long shots and score more goals.

Of course, this is only for situations where you have multiple defenders in front of you and not when you are in a 1-on-1 situation against the goalkeeper.

control buttons

Are you using the control buttons? Well, you need to use both, especially when it comes to trying a shot on goal.

Buttons have the clear advantage that you have a clear view of the screen, especially when you have a smaller screen, but they're not that smart. They will only do what you hit in the direction the player is facing, especially when you are moving towards the goal and you want to make a pass, you have to touch the player or position you want to throw the ball to head , that gives you much more control and flexibility!

Source: Screenshot of the game

When shooting towards the goal, we recommend that you only use the shot button for long shots (see above) because they will be much more accurate from 20+ yards towards the goal compared to a swipe move (where you can't even do it). see goal on screen). Just be sure to speak directly towards the goal! However, if you are close to the goal, you should prefer to slide, because a slide will not only show the direction of the ball, but also control the movement in the air, so you can spin or let it fly over the goalkeeper or defender.

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