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Do you always have problems getting good players in TOTW (Team Of The Week)? Most FIFA Mobile players out there simply use the wrong strategy when it comes to Team Of The Week, so we would like to present you with a strategy that will guarantee you to get the best player in TOTW.

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In the first section we will show you how to gather TOTW points effectively and in the second part an effective strategy to get good players.

Getting TOTW Points

For this strategy to work, you will need to cultivate TOTW Points frequently, every day:

  • 5 points for watching an ad every day;
  • 5 points for daily missions every day;
  • 20 points per week for weekly rewards.

This equates to 90 Team of the Week points every week.

This isn't even enough to open a starter (which costs 100 points), but this strategy will look better once you have a good stack of TOTW points, so keep cultivating and saving them for the first 10-12 weeks. It may seem difficult, but you will be rewarded with a Messi or Ronaldo.

Getting the Best Player of the Week Team

The strategy uses something that surprisingly many people don't know.

Source: Screenshot of the game
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Translating the sentence above, we have: "purchase this offer to get an initial TOTW you didn't get".

So theoretically, with 1.100 TOTW points, you are 100% sure to get the strongest players as well.

We can guarantee that you will get the 4 gold players in your first 4 tries, so there is no reason to withdraw a player when you only have 100 or 400 points. We know there are surprises here and there, but it's 95% to get none other than gold players.

So if you are now going to spend your hard-earned 200 points in 2 attempts, you simply waste them! They are lost!

Instead, gather 1.000 or 1.100 points and wait to see a really good player in TOTW (eg Messi or Ronaldo) and then spend your points to get that player worth a few million coins easily.

If you're lucky and get it on the 5th or 7th try, be glad you saved some TOTW points for next time. These points will accumulate over the next week.

Every now and then you will get lucky and get the best player in a try before the 11th draw, but this is not the case.

You will often see results like the one shown below.

Source: Screenshot of the game

And you don't want to spend those points on an average or slightly above average player, so make sure you save those points and wait for a good Team of the Week!

Heads up! We know it might be crazy to wait that long, but once you have the 1.100 points you'll see that you can pull the player of your dreams with fewer entries and have around 200 or even 600 points left for the next attempt at a good player. TOTW will be just a few weeks later. The key is still not relying on luck, but having the 1.100 points to go the full distance if necessary.

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