FIFA 22 leaks reveal several changes: menu, custom tactics and more

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FIFA fans are hoping EA Play Live will find out more about FIFA 22, but several leaks have their mouths watering ahead of time.

As the next iteration of the FIFA slowly approaches, gamers are impatient to finally find out what EA has in store for them.

Still, as FIFA 22 shouldn't be in the spotlight until September or October, they'll have to arm themselves with patience before figuring out what this new iteration really has in store.

Fortunately, the EA Play Live July 22nd will be a good opportunity to learn more and at the same time to confirm the various leaks that are flourishing on the web.

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FIFA 22 should arrive in September or October

In fact, for several weeks the leaks follow one another, giving an overview of what's new in FIFA 22. Lately, one of the most reliable sources has broken the silence about a number of things that are going to change.

Usually, when registering for the beta, an agreement is made between the publisher/developer and the lucky ones not to reveal any content in advance, but every year there is always someone who crosses the line, much to the players' delight.

FIFA 22 reveals itself thanks to beta leaks

For some time now, KingLangpard, a streamer, has been sharing new information on the web. He previously suggested changes to the FUT Champs Weekend League qualifying format.

First, it revealed the game's menu, showing the FIFA 22 beta logo in the top left corner.

Take a quick look at the in-game menu! 😍

What do you think of this design?

A few things need to be added where it says “placeholder”, but I like it so far!! ⚡️💜 #LangpardLeaks

– FIFA 22 News & Leaks (@KingLangpard) June 23, 2021

After being asked whether or not this was the final design, he said it was the beta, implying that tweaks can be made before the game launches.

Custom gameplay and tactics

After launching a poll on whether or not to disclose details about the game or custom tactics, netizens decided that the game was the top priority.

KingLangpard then confirmed that Custom Tactics has seen "a lot of changes" since FIFA 21.

Good bit of change 👌

— 👑Langpard (@KingLangpard) June 23, 2021

He then opened up the various game changes, namely, “Player switching: on defense, pressing R3 lets you choose between the 3 closest players and they all have an arrow that corresponds to the direction you press R3. You can also use R1 or press the right stick normally”.

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Or “2nd man pressed: there is a small green arrow above the player that presses the second man and it runs out quickly (3-4 seconds max), once it's over, the player's press is no longer so intense and practically non-existent, so your player is no longer in position. ”

On June 26, 2021, FUTZONECENTRAL appeared to confirm their comments about the arrival of a “nice pack of changes” by posting on Twitter what they claim is a FIFA 22 information leak: players will finally have the opportunity to customize their offensive tactics .

Perspectives such as how your team conducts the game and creates opportunities will be directly customizable by players. Unfortunately, while there are a lot more options on the offensive side of the ball, FIFA 22 doesn't seem to detract from a similar function for defensive tactics.

FIFA 21 meta leak

Unsurprisingly, the meta is still an ever-evolving debate for FIFA 22, with some tactics giving players an edge in the game. This time around, it looks like the heads are back in full force in the beta.

Regarding the goal, Langpard said simply, “So far, the center and head goal seems like a stretch.”

Or FUT Champs format

On April 29, KingLangpard revealed a format change for the Weekend League.

In the new format, he says there would be less than 30 games to play and qualification will be required every week. “Qualification required for Weekend League each week. 5 games to play, you have to win 3 or more to qualify. You can only participate three times a week,” he wrote.

🎙 From @KingLangpard: “Weekend League Qualification required every week. 5 games to play, need to win 3 or more for qualification. Can only enter 3 times a week.”

Sounds interesting.

— Dexerto FC (@DexertoFC) April 29, 2021

In terms of qualifying, this format remains familiar, however the move to a number of games below 30 should be welcomed by players.

Ace Rewards of FIFA 22 FUT Champs

Regarding the rewards, he said, “There will be some players in the rewards, and now the higher the rank, the better the player version you will get!” .

Leaked FIFA 22 ICONS

So far, 9 players have been potentially disclosed regarding the FIFA 22 ICON list, namely:

  • Gabriel Batistuta
  • Iker Casillas
  • Cha Bum-Kun
  • Diego Forlan
  • Lucio
  • Park Ji Sung
  • Wesley Sneidjer
  • Jaap Stam
  • Robin van Persie

Image Credits: EA Sports / PSG

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