FIFA 22: How to make defensive pressure and recover the ball the easy way

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We give you some tips to defend yourself well in FIFA 22 taking advantage of the changes that have been made in the new edition.

FIFA 22 is already among us, and although it is often said that â€śit's like other years” , the truth is that tweaks have been added to the gameplay that will make you have to adjust the way you play football EA Sports simulator.

We will try to help you in this aspect and we will help you with various guides and tutorials for FIFA 22. Now, we will focus on helping you improve the defensive aspect , which is the key to earning. 

Almost more important than being an assassin in the area is knowing how to protect your rear well. And maybe there are actions you don't know exist or how to use.

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In general, it will depend on your style of play, but you have to be careful when putting pressure on your opponent to recover the ball, because we can leave spaces . You can always do a low-blocking defensive strategy to look for your opponent's fault without leaving your goalie unprotected.

So it's important that you get used to moving backwards as a unit with the containment buttons or, at times when you feel it's appropriate, press two against one , to force the opponent to perform an action. In less time. think and force your mistake.

So that you have clarity about what the buttons are, keeping L2 / LT held down you will maintain its position in front of its opponent, tucking its butt to better defend and avoid turns. As it is intensified with R1 / RB , because this way the whole team will do the containment.

If what you want is to make a 2v1 for a player, you should press L2 + R2 / LT + RT at the same time . An indicator will appear over the AI-controlled football player's head that reaches up to the pressure as a way of verifying that you are doing what you want.

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