FIFA 22: Early Access, Demo and Everything We Know So Far

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The end of the European football season is almost upon us, which means the FIFA 22 release date is fast approaching. EA usually starts releasing feed content about the latest off-season game, so we can expect some official information in the coming months.

Ultimate Team, by far the biggest mode in the game, received major changes in FIFA 21, including Division Rivals co-op and the removal of the annoying fitness system. There's more room to customize your team, as you can build your own stadium, complete with custom colors, corners, and whatever trophies your club has won over the seasons.

Source: FIFA 21 page on Steam

The release of FIFA 21 for PC was disappointing as the game was denied any of the next-gen updates seen on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. If the PC version of FIFA 22 continues to use the next-gen engine, it remains to be seen whether crossplay support will finally make it to the game this year. Here's everything we know about FIFA 22, including the release date, the engine it will run on and much more.

Release date of

Since 2008, FIFA games alternate between the last week of September and the first week of October. That cycle was broken last year due to developers having to work from home, and even then FIFA 21 was delayed by just a week. As such, we expect FIFA 22 to be released between September 27th and October 8th.

Early game access

The easiest way to play FIFA 22 early is to have an active EA Play subscription. EA Play gives players ten hours of early access to the game, one week before the game starts. Dedicated FIFA players use the ten hours of EA Play to get a head start on building their Ultimate Team.

Alternatively, you can get early access to FIFA by pre-ordering Champions or the Ultimate Edition. This unlocks the game three days before worldwide launch day.

FIFA 22 Web App

You can gain access to the FIFA 22 Web App before the game launches, as long as you have an EA account that has played FIFA 21. It is important to note that if you played FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5, you will not be able to access FIFA 22 Web App on PC. Your account can access the web app on multiple platforms (PC, Xbox and PlayStation) as long as you have played each version of FIFA 21 on that account.

Once you gain access to the web application, you can start trading on the transfer market. This can be hit and miss for some players as EA is surprisingly picky when it comes to using the transfer market early. You have a better chance of trading players early, depending on the age of your account.

Engine Update in FIFA 22 for PC

EA was scrutinized by the PC player base last year when it was announced that FIFA 21 would not receive the next-gen upgrade. This is not the first time something like this has happened, FIFA 14 for PC was not updated to the Ignite Engine at the same time as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It took a year for the PC version to be updated with the consoles of the current generation.

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Will the PC version of FIFA 22 get an update this year? Given the jump between the two versions, EA is likely to keep the PC version on par with the next-gen consoles for at least another year.

FIFA 22 Crossplay

The biggest problem facing the PC version of FIFA is the lack of a player base, especially when compared to the Xbox and PlayStation console audience. Crossplay has slowly become viable in recent years as Sony has relaxed its stance on playing with other systems.

There are countless EA games with crossplay, so there's no reason why FIFA 22 should be any different. The transfer market on each platform complicates things as the market would have to merge into a unified space. This may not be possible as cross-play is an option that can be disabled at will, but disabling cross-play does not necessarily mean that transfer markets cannot continue to be unified.

If cross play is available in FIFA 22, it is likely to work with all modes except Ultimate Team. There is also the possibility that cross-play could be enabled, but the PC version would only be able to play with the previous generation of consoles. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X cannot play FIFA 21 against the previous generation of consoles due to engine differences.

future icons

The list of players worthy of the icon continues to grow each year as some of football's best players decide to hang up their boots. EA likes to include a mix of former greats from the last two decades and recently retired gamers. FIFA 21 introduced 11 new icons to the game, including: Samuel Eto'o, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ashley Cole.

In the last couple of years, we've seen Wayne Rooney, Vincent Kompany, David Villa and Iker Casillas retire from the beautiful game. Any of these players could easily make it onto the FIFA 22 icon list, and it doesn't stop there. With players like Robin van Persie, Wesley Sneijder and Yaya Toure still absent from the game, EA should have an easy time picking out the next icons.

FIFA 22 cover star

FIFA cover stars of the past are often the best players in world football. FIFA 21 featured World Cup winner Kylian Mbappé, FIFA 20 featured UEFA Champions League winner Virgil van Dijk, and so on. EA used to run between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but both Barcelona and Juventus have signed exclusive deals with rival game, eFootball PES.

Source: FIFA 21 page on Steam

FIFA 22 will likely feature a Manchester City player as they not only won the Premier League but also reached the Champions League final. City Football Group also has a multi-year contract with EA, so it wouldn't surprise us to see Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling or Gabriel Jesus popping up in front of game menus.


FIFA demos usually go live in early September, just under a month before the game's full release. Last year, EA decided to cancel the FIFA 21 demo because it wanted more time to focus on the game's development. As the pressure of the global pandemic continues to ease for game developers, there's a good chance there will be a FIFA 22 demo this year.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that EA will provide us with more information about the game as soon as possible. Stay tuned on our website for more news and content related to the world of games. Take care and until next time!

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