FIFA 21: eWorld Cup dates and venues revealed

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A eWorld Cup, the biggest sporting event in the FIFA, is returning to FIFA 21 after last year's competitive season was swept away by the pandemic. THE eWorld Cup brings together the best players of the season and will be an offline event held in London this summer

32 players will win a seat in the eWorld Cup this year, and with the FIFA Global Series Playoffs taking an online regional format this year, different regions will have different numbers of seats. FIFA is also doing away with the console division for eWorld Cup this year, and in all games players will compete on consoles Xbox e PlayStation.

The tournament starts with the group stage, which will divide the field into four groups of eight. The top four players from each group advance to a single-key knockout stage, meaning there are no second chances en route to the final.

The FIFAe World Cup is coming!

🇬🇧 London. 4-8 August
🔝 Top players from around the world
🎮 Cross-console competition
💰 $500,000 prize pool

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— FIFAe (@FIFAe) May 14, 2021
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As mentioned, to eWorld Cup is returning once again to London. The 2018, 2019 and (what would have been) 2020 editions of the tournament were all hosted at the O2 Arena, but a location has yet to be announced for 2021.

The tournament will take place over three days, from August 6 to 8.

There is also a prize of $500.000 (2628975,5 real ) in play, with half of that prize going to the champion. This is in line with the last eWorld Cup in 2019, where the German player Mohammed ‘MoAuba’ Harkous lifted the trophy and took home the $250.000 (1.327.076,00 real).

While the eWorld Cup traditionally ended the season, this year's tournament will take place just two weeks before the FIFA eNations Cup in Copenhagen , where professional players represent their countries rather than their sports teams or football clubs.

Although both tournaments are geographically very close. THE FIFA is being ambitious here by trying to run two offline events in a short amount of time in different locations.

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