Far Cry 6 Narrative Director Says Game's Story "Is Political"

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Source: Ubisoft

In case you foolishly think otherwise.

In one blog post published yesterday , the narrative director of Far Cry 6 , Navid Khavari, wrote that the game's history "is political". The post is in response to comments Khavari made in an interview last week, which were taken out of context to make it sound like he was claiming otherwise.

“Our history is political”, begins the post.

“A story about a modern revolution should be. There are difficult and relevant discussions in Far Cry 6 about the conditions that led to the rise of fascism in a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor, the need for freedom and justice, elections, rights LGBTQ, and much more in the context of Yara, a fictional island in the Caribbean.

My goal was to empower our team to not be afraid of the story we were telling, and we've worked hard to do that over the past five years. We also try to be very careful in approaching our inspirations, which include Cuba, but also other countries around the world that have gone through political revolutions in their histories”.

Source: Ubisoft

The post goes on to talk more about the research conducted, the efforts made, and the personal connection of the family of Khavari with the revolution.

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In a round of interviews given last week to coincide with the gameplay reveal of Far Cry 6 , Khavari spoke about the team's research in Cuba specifically. “When we came out of that, it's not that we felt like we had to do Cuba,” he said. 

"We realize it's a complicated island and our game doesn't want to make a political statement about what's happening specifically in Cuba."

That quote was then truncated to simply "I don't want to make a political statement", cutting "about what is happening in Cuba specifically" in the headlines and tweets. This, in turn, spawned the now-traditional wave of burials at what appeared to be another game developer, claiming that a clearly political video game was not political.

Video games about war and revolution are political, and it's obviously silly when a developer claims otherwise. But that's not what happened here.

Even if the narrative director of Far Cry 6 had said that his game was not political, to challenge the Ubisoft in their marketing line just leads them to have a better marketing line in the future. 

It is less important than asking specifically what the policies of Far Cry 6 and where they can succeed or fail, but conversations like this get harder to have every time the discussion is framed as a binary by prank quotes and buried tweets.

There are many more honest reasons to criticize gaming policy. Far Cry, and so many good reasons to criticize the Ubisoft .

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