Far Cry 6: How to Unlock the Flying Car (Angelito FW Turbo)

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Far Cry 6 has a number of different vehicles and travel methods, and a unique travel method is the Angelito FW Turbo, where a car learns to fly!

There are several ways to travel around Yara in Far Cry 6 , and one of the unique ways to get around is thanks to a flying car called Angelito FW Turbo. Of course, in Far Cry 6 There's the ability to drive a tank, helicopter, and even a tractor, but everything else pales in comparison to a flying car. Complete with a mounted grenade launcher, the Angelito FW Turbo can be a force on the ground or in the sky.

The series Far Cry saw its fair share of different ways of getting around, like the Tuk-Tuk from Far Cry 4 or the Swamp Ship from Far Cry 2 . 

Além disso, Far Cry 6 brought in some new vehicles like the 100 Petrov HS-1944 tank, bringing new levels of destruction to the game. Finally, looking at the flight aspect, another great option in Far Cry 6 is the Garin Vorona CT 1968, complete with rocket launchers.

Players don't want to forget about the fast travel option in Far Cry 6 . It may not have the flash of a tank or attack helicopter, but it gets players to desired locations faster than any other method.

 Players have to go to their camp to get the fast travel option through the Hideout Network. Unlocking the Hideout Net gives you the Wingsuit, which gives you the option of fast travel. Players still need to purchase Fast Travel locations from the Hideout Network, providing additional places to get to quickly.

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Like the Wingsuit, unlocking the Angelito FW Turbo in Far Cry 6 involves opening the Hideout Grid. After building the structure, players need to obtain the second upgrade for the Hideout Net, called the Enhanced upgrade. Having the upgraded upgrade spawns vehicles near each hideout. 

With the upgrade activated, travel to the Joint Hideout. In the hideout, the Angelito FW Turbo will appear, and players can scan the car with their phones to unlock it, where they can summon it at any time via a pickup point.

A simple explanation of how to fly the car is that players need to press a button to activate the Angelito FW Turbo's flight mode. Depending on the game system, knowing which button to press is done by opening the vehicle controls menu, and should be first in the car control list. 

On the car's main HUD, in the middle of the vehicle screen, there is a red arrow with a red plane below it. Also, some bars are on the HUD that show vehicle speed. After players place the car's speed bars on the arrow or go through it, pressing the button makes the car take off.

Far Cry 6 now  is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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