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    Far Cry 6 Guide: 7 Quick Tips That Will Make Your Yara Life EASIER

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    Because we all need more chaos emerging in our lives, Far Cry 6 adds a new rebellion to the video game oeuvre. 

    The long-running open-world FPS game series isn't evolving much in the leap to PS5/Xbox Series X, but this game is a huge refinement of what the series does best; giving you the tools to dismantle a villain's control any way you want. 

    New features like special Supreme backpacks give your characters more versatility than ever before, and you'll need to manage your guerrilla activities from camps that offer two setup slots each. 

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    There are plenty of balls to keep juggling in the war against the evil Yaran government, and if you're at a loss and want help, we've got a few tips you'll want to keep in mind.

    And these tips? They do not apply to any previous Far Cry games. Far Cry 6 comes with new features – so many new features that the game doesn't really explain some of them. We are limiting ourselves only to the most pertinent points. 

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    These are the fastest tips we can give you to save your time and energy. No wasted words or useless suggestions. If you want to get the most out of your Far Cry experience, here are a few things I'd really like to know in advance.

    • # 1 : Stealth is your most powerful tool in Far Cry 6. O initial rifle with silencer it's so strong that you can use it throughout the game without ever switching - and you'll earn bonus rewards for clearing outposts without setting off alarms or being spotted.
      • Friends come in two versions: stealth and combat. In my experience, stealthy friends are the best for almost any situation, and the mystical Black Panther is one of the most powerful.
    • # 2 : Buy upgrades on your car's wheels to go over control points. Be sure to hide your weapons in protected areas. That way, you won't have to deal with constant firefights and you'll be able to move around freely.
    • # 3 : No area is off-limits. At the beginning of the game, you are free to explore all of Yara. Higher level areas are more difficult, but you can avoid firefights by hiding weapons. You'll want to explore and grab as many chests as you can, some quests offer unique weapons, amulets, and even friends. And you can do all of that without worrying about progressing through the main story.
    • # 4 : Take your phone and use the scan function to save civilian cars automatically. You don't have to return them to a friendly garage. This won't work on military vehicles, so you'll need to take them home.
    • # 5 : First purchase the Hideout Network upgrade at your Guerilla Camp. This unlocks the Wingsuit Tool and the Air Drop fast travel method. It also unlocks the ability to purchase new locations for fast travel.
      • The Hideout Network update also offers supply caches . It doesn't look great, but this update provides caches for all your bases that give you bonus materials every day. A very good first update.
    • # 6 : Buy Fuego equipment from the weapons dealer or Guerilla Camp vendors if you love using fire-based weapons. This gear makes you fire resistant, so you're free to go wild with the updated flamethrower.
    • # 7 : Purchase EMP Supreme (or EMP Greandes, or EMP ammo) to disable tanks and other vehicles. Great for taking down helicopters instantly! Helicopters are a big pain, so switching to EMP ammo or unleashing Supreme EMP stealing tanks can also seriously get you out of any sticky situation.
      • Steal a tank from a checkpoint and return it to save it forever. Tanks are one of the best weapons to keep in your arsenal during a rainy Yaran day.
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