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We've covered the best places to set up your CAMP in Fallout 76.

One of the main factors for effective gameplay in Fallout 76 is to find an ideal land to build your CAMP. Having a strategically placed base house can completely transform gameplay, so we've put together a wide variety of ideal locations for you to choose from. Below, you'll learn the amenities that make for an ideal campground, the best CAMP locations on the market right now, and how to make those plans come true for your dream CAMP. So without further ado, let's take a look at the best locations in Fallout 76 CAMP.

Updated July 19, by Kim Dailey: The Fallout 76 players have been snatching Appalachia real estate like hotcakes, so to help ensure you not only get your little slice of apocalyptic paradise, but a worthwhile investment as well, we've crafted the article to weigh the pros and cons. of your future plot of land.

What makes a good camp?

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Before we delve into the selection of top-notch post-apocalyptic real estate that Fallout 76 has to offer, let's take a look at the that sets these CAMP locations among the best lots of land in Appalachia.

  • Safety first , especially in this post-apocalyptic era. You will want to build in an advantageous position to protect your CAMP from being easy prey for local mobs.
  • Fast travel is one of the perks of building a CAMP. That means it's good to place it away from other Fast Travel spots to set up an effective Fast Travel network.
  • the resources are also important. Utilizing old establishments or abandoned buildings in your CAMP can be extremely efficient, cost-effective and provide the landscape for a unique base with a creative eye. Strategically placing your CAMP near valuable resource mines or plentiful hunting grounds is always a good tactic too.
  • the central location may be important for some players as they will want to trade with vendors and have a conveniently located stash to drop off loot after the mission.
  • Water is probably the most essential priority for most player CAMPs. It provides an easy source to purify water, while also serving as a natural defense to fend off most enemies when optimally positioned around the camp.
  • even the terrain it is scarce among all the splendor and glory that West Virginia has to offer. Unfortunately, the game is extremely meticulous about placing buildings on rough terrain - something that hasn't been terribly well thought out.

Fallout 76 – Best Campsites and What They Have to Offer

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Gilman Lumber Mill

Located at region from the Appalachia forest , the Gilman Lumber Mill offers immediate shelter inside the mill as you start to build your base. Also, the rusty sections of the chain-link fence around the yard offer little protection . 

It's really all the same in regards to the site's defences, as this lumberyard is fairly quiet to the vacant lot, which means that safety is not a major concern. A unique advantage with this lot is a wood supply free and ready to use, thanks to old mill robots that still go about their normal routine of stacking scattered logs.

With so many advantages and so little to worry about in the Appalachian low-level forest region, Gilman Lumber Mill stands out as one of the first and best locations in Fallout 76 CAMP. If you want to cut and dry, here are the perks of settling in this starting location.

  • Integrated coverage and defense.
  • Low threat area.
  • Free wood supply
  • Wood extractor location.
  • Flat land

Lakeside Grill

This handy junk-filled Toxic Valley spot also offers immediate shelter 60s-themed diner doors. This Fallout 76 CAMP location also has access to water of course, many lootable items . You will have to deal with the Snallygasters e Ghouls you crazy that try, periodically, resume your fields of action . While this is a resourceful CAMP site, you'll want to weigh concerns about the threats that come with colonizing the Toxic Valley , so let's define that.

inlaid layerNo substantial border defenses.
access to waterThe area is frequently attacked by Snallygasters and Ghouls.
Free lootables like food, materials, etc.

Missile Silo Alpha

From the outside, Missile Silo Alpha looks like nothing more than an abandoned cabin with some rubbish scattered around rusting in the backyard. But the cabin is just a facade to disguise the interior elevator, which leads to one of the three nuclear missile bases. 

Fair warning, this local Savage Divide It's not the most isolated place. Many players travel on their various businesses and they can happen on this site, which means that if your base is there, it can be invaded. 

However, if you are willing to suffer from insufficient home security, the location offers one of the few flat terrain on the map to build your structure and a tank to water purification convenient. It's another CAMP location with a pretty balanced give and take relationship, so let's weigh that.

It is one of the few flat building opportunities.High traffic area, which means high risk of theft.
access to waterNo substantial natural defenses.

Morgantown Trainyard

West of this train station on Appalachian rainforest region it is an advantageous location along the river for the merchant player. This Fallout 76 CAMP location offers easy access to water along with the station vendors and a extra chest to separate and sell garbage. In addition, Mama Dolce's food processing plant and throat junkyard are sources of booty close .

For players who like public events , the airport is also conveniently located nearby. However, if an expansive Fast Travel network was among your priorities, this site is located near Vault 76 , then you might consider moving elsewhere to make better use of your Fast Travel points.

Although this is one of top CAMP locations for a trade-oriented player , it's always good to consider what's at stake.

access to waterNo substantial natural defenses
supplier accessLocation not excluded
nearby hiding placeNot an ideal additional fast travel waypoint
next serve
local public events

The Raider Shack

Climbing through the hills of Hemlock Hole, a southwest of Wavy Willards's in Toxic Valley, this isolated hut has a panoramic view. There are some top notch real estate in these hills that most players don't even realize exists! 

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As an unmarked location, this CAMP location comes partially built like a former raider base, allowing creative players to have a bit of a sandbox adventure in building a unique and chic wasteland. Your Hillside positioning provides ample coverage .

Something to keep in mind is that this location is at the top of the map, making the travel to certain areas quite difficult . But it might not be a bad idea for a local de Fast Travel . It's also a great place to start working on your CAMP craft station and offers several other amenities listed below. With many amenities, this location seems too good to be true, so let's take a minute to calculate the drops for this location.

Ideal defensive positioning.No immediate access to water.
isolated locationRural positioning makes it difficult to move the foot.
Main quick travel location.Difficult terrain for construction.
Nearby shelter to start building.
Free raider kick.
Tinkers Bank

Seneca Rock Bridge

This rusty bridge nestled between the Seneca rocks between Pleasant Valley cabins and the Atlas Observatory in Savage Divide it is a poor choice for a home. 

So much so that most would not even think to build on it. But you can. While it may feel like you're tempting fate by building amidst this uneven terrain, the unique placement provides minimal access, providing great protection . What's more, it's above a river that's ready to water purifiers .

The Seneca Rock Bridge is among the best locations in Fallout 76 CAMP with few and inconsequential disadvantages to settle here. Here are the advantages you will get from occupying this nesting spot among the jagged cliffs of Seneca.

  • Access to high quality water.
  • Blackberry font coming soon.
  • Easy defended.
  • Convenient location for mid-game quests.

miner's tunnel

Close to the Mineiro Mole Tunnel, located between Palácio do Caminho Sinuoso and Sunnytop Station, there is a hill at the Wild Divide perfect for doing CAMP. In addition to patio trains conveniently located and high ground advantage , this lot also includes a lead deposit where you can install an extractor.

Defensive advantage on high ground.It is not a prime central location.
Proximity to a train station.No immediate access to water.
Chumbo deposit.

Tyler County Dirt Trail

If you participate in public events with frequency, the Tyler County Dirt Track in region da forest, It is a privileged location that offers access to water and a aluminum deposit . 

The well-beaten track provides a level base for construction. Not to mention that the fence that surrounds the track serves as a natural limit for or CAMP, and nearby parking can serve as a improvised shelter during construction.

Besides being quite not excluded e give up a high ground advantage , the Dirt Track is between Fallout 76's best CAMP locations for having virtually no disadvantages. To be as clear as possible, here's what you stand to gain from settling on the Tyler County dirt track.

  • natural shelter
  • access to water
  • aluminum local resource
  • Leveled building land
  • natural defenses
  • Central offices for the public

Relay tower EL-B1-02

A little east of the El-B1-02 Relay Tower in Savage Divide – outside of Watoga - there is an protected cliff . This makes it a noble property, in addition to having a place of extraction near , natural food source of Firecracker Berries e access to water on site.

In addition to its hillside positioning, requiring the resident to defend only half of the CAMP border, this location doesn't offer many additional defenses . 

However, a discerning player can take full advantage of the local water source by building a suspended CAMP over it to keep enemies at bay. Between its rather isolated positioning, adequate resources and Plot relatively plan , this cliff-side depression occupies a place among the 76 best Fallout CAMP locations . To summarize, these are the amenities that come with building near the EL-B1-02 Relay Tower.

  • Cliff positioning reduces the necessary defensive measures.
  • Flat land to build.
  • Nearby extractor location.
  • Source close to Firecracker Berry.
  • Access to on-site water (which can also provide additional defense).

Whitespring golf course

O golf course based in the region of forest provides a unique security measure for your CAMP as the AI patrols the terrain to fend off enemies . In addition, the neighboring Whitespring Resort is an extremely profitable region for the farm. of supplies to game ends . And it goes without saying that there are vast building possibilities to spread across the still meticulously maintained grounds. However, you will have to lose the right Ã  seclusion, since the Whitespring area is a local central prominent with many attractive features to attract passing travelers.

With such a prominent location, it's even more important to weigh the pros and cons.

Integrated Securitynot excluded
central locationhigh traffic area
Flat land
Nearby supplies: acid, antiseptic, ballistic fiber (Bunker), ceramic, circuitry, copper, cork, fiberglass, cobalt / crimson / fluorescent / yellow cake flux, gear, glass, lead, Nuka-Cola, plastic, pepper, rabbit (input Service), Radstag, Rhododendron (Golf Club Exclusive), Salt, Screw, Skull (Service Entrance), Spices, Squirrel (White Spring Exclusive), Steel, Technical Data (Bunker), Wild Mongrel (Golf Club) )

How to move the camp

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After building your base, you will want to save your work creating a blueprint . This will make it easier to relocate your CAMP if you wish (and have the lids to spare). To make a Blueprint, follow the steps below.

  1. change from â€œBuild Mode” to â€œEdit Mode”.
  2. Select the prompt to create a blueprint at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Approach the building to ensure you have the correct project selected , as the interface is demanding to select a specific building for the project.
  4. now just naming and saving the Blueprint and you can rebuild it in a new location at any time.

Note: Projects will use any spare components you have before recording new materials. However, the plans will not include a complete structure, so be sure to break your CAMP down into individual components before storing it to avoid wasting materials.

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