Fallout 76 players host Iron Chef Cooking challenge in game

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Fallout 76 fans hosted a fun in-game cooking event where participants competed to collect ingredients and prepare meals.

The RPG em Fallout 76 has reached an impressive new milestone with players organizing an Iron Chef cooking challenge in the online survival game. This is an awesome way to enjoy the game in addition to official content support, which, to be honest, has been pretty impressive lately.

The latest Fallout 76 DLC, the Locked & Loaded update, introduced some appreciated quality of life improvements and gameplay features. It brought an early update to the CAMP system, allowing players to have two of these bases simultaneously instead of just one. Additionally, the update offered the ability to have pre-made replaceable SPECIAL loadouts for player characters, allowing them to prepare different presets for specific needs.

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Fallout 76 fans held a strange in-game event all by themselves, featuring a cooking challenge reminiscent of the popular TV show Iron Chef. The game's version, called Clawed Cooking Challenge, was hosted and streamed on Twitch by El Gato Pub (as seen by Polygon) The event included a complete list of numerous recipes and scores that contestants would receive for successfully cooking their chosen meals. But first, players needed to go to dangerous wastelands to collect all the necessary ingredients, especially the rarer ones that would have resulted in higher scores. All contestants were also given a secret ingredient to spice things up and make the whole affair that much more intriguing. When it comes time to evaluate the meals and their presentation, the judges unleash a swarm of snarky and mocking comments to ridicule would-be postapocalyptic cooks.

Similar challenges will come in the future, so Fallout 76 players will have plenty of time to prepare for another round of roasting Deathclaw meat and being roasted by the judges. Meanwhile, Bethesda is following its own plan to entertain the community by developing and releasing new content expansions for the game. This year alone, Fallout 76 is slated to receive three more core DLCs. They will feature tons of goodies, including new locations to explore, NPCs to interact with, quests to embark on and rewards to collect.

It should come as no surprise that players are finally enjoying Fallout 76 to its fullest, as the game has effectively rid itself of its initial bad reputation with the help of Bethesda's ongoing support. The recent player-organized cooking challenge is the best indicator that the survival title's robust mechanics and rich features allow it to host suitable entertainment events. These community-oriented initiatives also suggest that the game is a natural source of fun for players, which is enough to rescue the notoriously broken release of Fallout 76.

Fallout 76  is available to play now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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