Fallout 76: How to Locate Radstag in Fallout 76

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These are the places where you're likely to find Radstags in Fallout 76.

Radstags are disturbing mutations born from the radioactive climate left by the Great War. However, despite their post-nuclear aesthetics, these genetically mutated deer still serve colonists and invaders in the Fallout 76 .

You can harvest their flesh, skins, and blood for survival and trade (also known as crafting and searching). While these deer are still quite common even after radioactive fallout, there are specific locations you should hunt first if you need kills or materials right away.

The most trusted Radstag locations

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Thomas Farm

Radstags don't necessarily roam over extensive regions in the Appalachians. While you can find them randomly, there are a number of specific locations where small herds of them can be found with some regularity.

  • A herd of three, if not more, Radstags dwell slightly northwest (almost directly west) of Crater which lies on the northeastern border of the Toxic Valley.
  • A Thomas Farmhouse  is east of Dent & Sons Construction in Savage Divide. This is one of the more consistent hunting grounds, as four Albino Radstags seem to have made their home.
  • Em Twin Lakes, in Savage Divide, a small herd of three Radstags claimed the highest lake as their favorite watering hole. If you're having trouble finding the lakes, start at the Marigold Pavilion and head southeast.
  • In the Appalachia Forest region, north of the Whitespring Golf Club , two Radstags can be seen roaming around as you travel into the mountains.
  • You can find three Radstags roaming the gardens do Whitespring Resort check out the lake behind one of the houses on the property.
  • bed of um Dry Lake is located between Lake Cabins and Summerville along Route 87 in the Appalachia rainforest region. The numbers are unknown, but the thirsty Radstag can be seen roaming the parched land in this area.
  • There is a iron - old man in the Toxic Valley region , west of Hemlock Holes, where Radstags have also been sighted.
  • The Wixon Homestead it lies between Gilman Lumber Mill and Flatwoods Lookout, a little to the east in the Appalachia Forest region. Since its wealthy inhabitants evacuated or died, it now serves as a base for Radstag survivors.

Note: Be sure to check the title before filling in any bullet-filled albino Radstags. There is a variant of albino Radstags called â€œObservant Radstag” which supposedly takes you to valuable deposits as part of a random encounter known as “Follow The Trail”.

This concludes our findings for the best Radstag locations. It's a short list, but it's full of ideal spots for your deer hunting needs.

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