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    Epic vs. Apple: Fortnite fans stop the process

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    Source: Epic Games

    Fortnite fans stop the Epic Games v. Apple after court leaves phone lines open for anyone to call.

    A epic Games made headlines when it announced it was taking Apple to court over how profits from the iOS version of Fortnite would be split between the two companies. Epic Games' lawsuit has garnered a lot of attention, in part due to the "Fortnite" campaign launched early on.

    The lawsuit has already had its fair share of oddities, including the leak of upcoming Fortnite crossovers. While most of the recent tests have been carried out during Zoom due to the pandemic, this one in particular is being conducted in person with few masked participants who have microphones so that members of the press and corporate legal teams can hear.

    To listen, the court allows interested parties to call dial lines that can each support a few hundred people. 

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    Typically, these lines only allow people inside the courtroom to be heard, but when the court session began this morning, that was not the case. This led to the court case being delayed by 20 minutes as Fortnite fans flooded the line to call the judge to "release Fortnite" or advertise their YouTube channels, according to The Verge. 

    Reportedly, some people on the call were also playing Travis Scott songs out loud, likely in reference to Travis Scott's Fortnite concert last year.

    While this is funny, the court case has heavy implications for the entire mobile gaming industry. The test will decide whether or not it is legal for Apple to block the distribution of apps on iPhones and iPads, as well as the processing of payments. 

    Epic Games claims the vast majority of cell phones use Android or iOS, forcing developers to accept the 30 percent cut in app sales that Apple claims on its App Store. However, Apple counters that its system creates convenience and security for users and points out that Epic Games has raised over $700 million in recent years with games like the Fortnite mobile port.

    Of course, there's no way of knowing which way the case will go until the trial ends in the next two weeks. While it is possible for Apple to win the case, Epic Games' victory could have far-reaching consequences for the gaming industry. 

    Its impact can range from mobile games on iOS and Android to consoles such as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, which only sell digital games through their own store, unlike the PC, which allows players to buy games from multiple sources. INCLUDING epic Games own ' Epic Games store

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