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    Elden Ring will not be Game Pass?

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    Elden Ring will be in Game Pass for Xbox and PC? It's a reasonable question given Microsoft's recent purchasing studio. Will MS throw any money Elden's way somewhere in the future? Of course, at this point it's clearly not there yet, but a lot of games appear on the Game Pass after the release date, and with a title as big as Elden Ring, you can bet Microsoft is waving that check. 

    For that reason, we'll answer whether the prospects for Elden Ring Game Pass are good, whether anyone on the Xbox subscription service is worth the wait.

    Elden Ring will not be Game Pass?

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    (Image credit: Bandai Namco)

    At the time of this writing, there appears to be no indication in any way as to whether we can expect Elden Ring to be on Game Pass at any given time, as neither Bandai Namco nor From Software commented on it. However, there are some useful pointers, namely that no other game From Software is on Game Pass at the time of writing. 

    The Soulsborne series has historically had closer ties to Sony than to Microsoft, as the status of Bloodborne as exclusive to PS4, then, although none of this rules out the idea that Elden Ring could be in Game Pass, this indicates that it's certainly not likely. 

    Maybe sometime after launch? Whatever the case, we will update this page if we hear more about this matter one way or another. It is certainly true to say that its initial revelation via a Microsoft event greatly confused the issue, 

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