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    Elden Ring: Where to find the Golden Scarab Talisman

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    Players who want to farm runes more effectively in Elden Ring will want to obtain the Gold Scarab Talisman by killing the Cleanrot Knights in Caelid.

    Elden Ring  offers players many unique items, including the Gold Scarab Talisman, a unique talisman that increases the number of runes players earn from killing enemies. These accessories are reminiscent of rings from previous games by FromSoftwareAs Dark Souls . 

    In addition, the rings offered players unique bonuses, many of which were incredibly useful in the right situation, encouraging players to exchange them to suit their needs. talismans in Elden Ring work in the same way, providing high value to any build and flexibility for players who stock up as many as possible.


    The talismans in Elden Ring are unique accessories that provide a variety of offensive, defensive, or utility effects when equipped, such as enhancing power attacks or increasing gear load. 

    There are many of these items in the game, and they can be obtained as drops from a variety of enemies and bosses in Elden Ring, purchased from merchants, or looted from chests. Additionally, the number of talismans players can simultaneously equip can be increased by obtaining talismans pouches.

    The Gold Scarab Talisman will grant the user 20% more runes when killing enemies, including bosses, and is the best tool players currently have in the game to help them farm runes. Also, as the Golden Scarab Talisman activates with killing blows, players do not need to equip it at the start of a fight. 

    This allows players to use it more easily during boss fights, leaving them low on health and equipping the talisman before delivering the final blow.

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    How To Get The Golden Scarab Talisman In Elden Ring

    To obtain the Gold Scarab Talisman, players must first find the Abandoned Cave in Caelid, an area east of the Elden Ring starting area, Limgrave. Starting at the Smoldering Wall's Site of Grace, players must head straight east until they see a dead tree near a cliff. On the cliff wall in front of them will be an entrance to the Ancient Cave, which can be accessed by double jumping or using the branches around it.

    Players must be careful when entering, as the cave is filled with scarlet rot, a dangerous substance that quickly drains players' health. Therefore, players are advised to bring some Preservation Bolus before entering and a torch or flashlight as it can get quite dark in some areas. 

    Traversing the cave will eventually lead to a fog gate where players must face an optional boss fight in Elden Ring against two Cleanrot Knights.

    While multi-enemy boss fights tend to be a grueling ordeal, there are plenty of ways to effectively deal with Cleanrot Knights.

     If you're fighting from a distance, make sure you keep both of them in sight to avoid a surprise attack, and keep some distance while attacking and dodging the Sickle-Knights' ranged attacks. If fighting melee, players can look for counters or backstabs and abuse their lack of balance by performing charge attacks. 

    Once players defeat the two knights, they will be rewarded with 7.000 runes and the Gold Scarab Talisman, which can be equipped to provide the best bonus for farming runes in Elden Ring .

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