Elden Ring: The best classes to start in Elden Ring

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choose the best starting class in Elden Ring it's the first big decision you'll encounter and will shape the first hours of your adventure.

As with other Soulsborne games, your starting class defines what kind of builds you can try. As the stats differ greatly from each other, knowing which one would best suit your playstyle is critical and will save you some headaches as you level up.

Choosing the best class in Elden Ring is a task that varies greatly depending on what you are looking for. Some classes are better as tank warriors who can wield massive shields or long swords. Others, meanwhile, excel at magic or agility.

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In the video below, Hadomancer will show you the best classes in Elden Ring and the best class to start with.

Channel: Hadomancer

I hope you enjoyed the video, let us know which class caught your attention in the comments. To the next!

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