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    Elden Ring player recreates Kratos from God of War in game

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    Elden Ring loves a good diet. There is the Empyrean Queen Marika, alongside her numerous demigod descendants. Then you have Malenia, Miquella, and Ranni, the three direct empyrean descendants of Marika. But what if another god appeared, a god of war perhaps? Well, thanks to an imaginative Redditor, Elden Ring Kratos is now a thing.

    Sharing a screenshot of Kratos to the official Elden Ring subreddit, 'DidioBrando' has done an impeccable job of recreating the main character from God of War. From his glossy beard to the war paint in his eyes, Elden Ring's character creation tool has certainly been put to good use here.

    To get the look for themselves, players will have to hunt down Champion Pauldron, Zamor Bracelets, Radahn Greaves, and a shiny pair of Magma Blades. The Champion Pauldron is the starting armor for the Hero class, but it can also be purchased from the merchant in southern Caelid. 

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    For the Bracelets of Zamor, defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor at the end of the Tomb of the Giant Conqueror Hero in the Mountaintops of the Giants area.

    As the name suggests, Radahn's Greaves can be purchased from Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold after defeating the demigod himself. And finally, these beautiful molten blades can be grown with lizardfolk found at Volcano Manor on Mt. Gelmir.

    So I made a Kratos cosplay from Eldenring

    If Magma Blades aren't to your liking, you can always grab a Highland Ax from Stormveil Castle, apply Cold to it, and presto, a Leviathan Axe.

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