eFootball PES 2020 Mobile: tips, tricks and resources

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Complete guide on how to build a decent team.

eFootball PES 2020 Mobile is a football simulation game that lets you immerse yourself in the world of football. You can team up with other players or friends and play at the highest level. You can also play in various modes, both against artificial intelligence and against human opponents who control some of the best players in the modern world of football, as well as a growing number of legends from the sport's past.

Resources to focus

At the beginning, you will be given a team of fictional scrub players, most of whom will be ranked between 55 and 65. Over time, you will be able to gain more resources and use them to improve your club and your players. features you get when adding players to your club are:

  • GP
  • Currency

The main features of the game, GP and coins. From the very beginning, you will have the opportunity to increase your total GP and the number of coins you have from the bonuses you can earn as a new player.

The game lets you choose resources every day - you can get GP by 3 days consecutive or coins by 7 days consecutive. Coins are harder to get and are a premium in-game currency compared to GP. So you always need to prefer coins if you want to level up faster.

In addition to daily bonuses, the most effective way to earn resources is to play online tournaments with other players. They are available in the e-football chapter

Online tournament. You can improve your rank and be rewarded with gold coins at the same time by defeating an opponent. Even though the odds are very high, please note that not all games guarantee these rewards.

Coins can also be obtained by completing achievements, but it's not worth thinking about because some tasks will be completed during the game anyway (you can get a maximum of 10 coins for these achievements).

Find good teammates

There are three ways to get players for your team.

  • Whisk
  • Agent
  • Auction

The different ways to get new players.Scout â€“ this is the easiest option. The catch is that you will almost certainly end up with a “white ball” or a relatively low-ranked normal player with a rating of less than 70. You can earn scouts as in-game rewards, and they can differ depending on the leagues and countries in the game. After playing the game for a while, there will be so many scouts as a reward that they will take up all the space for scout cards. However, this might not be such a problem because there is a way around without them.

Agents â€“ you can earn agents by logging in, playing matches or receiving welcome rewards. Using “Agents” as a method of hiring players is much more efficient to add a new amount of players than the “Scout” method. You have three options here:

  • Box Draw – allows you to sign a player for GP or coins.
  • Special – same as Box Draw, but here you can get players for specific positions.

For 25.000 GP or 250 coins, you will have the opportunity to buy three players for these positions:

  • Foward
  • midfielders
  • Defenders
  • goalkeepers
  • J-League players
Buy players in different positions.

The problem here is that there is no guarantee that the players you get will be good, and you will be able to sign a concrete player for your team. The best method to sign a good player is to use a special agent. You can get a special agent in the game rewards, the best option will be the black ball. 

The golden ball should also be considered if you are a beginner player. You can still buy a player for 100 coins in the special section, although the trick here is to wait for a good pack where all players will be either black or gold cards.

Black card with a decent player.

Gather a team

One of your main goals should be to replace weaker players with stronger ones, once you significantly improve your team by signing real football stars. You can improve a player with the help of a personal trainer. This reward is mainly obtained by participating in tournaments. Remember that each player has a maximum skill level.

Use a special trainer to improve a player.

Players also have cards with different qualities:

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  • brass letter
  • silver card
  • golden card
  • black card

As mentioned above, it is best to focus on the gold and black cards as they make players much stronger than the bronze and silver cards.

A card with a player. You can also use other things to improve players, such as:

  • Position Buster â€“ helps the player to improve his skills in another position where he is not currently playing.
  • skill token â€“ allows you to upgrade different player skills.
  • contract ticket â€“ allows a player to play 10 matches in the team. These tickets will not be received very often. For this reason, GP is a more convenient option to extend the contract for players.
Tools to improve players.
Contract ticket.
Team spirit indicator.

You need to consider team spirit so that you can have a good team game in sim mode. The team spirit level is a number displayed above your team's total strength. This number can go up or down depending on how well your coach manages the team and how well each player is suited for their position.

Team spirit will drop a little automatically after adding a new player. It will increase after a few matches together, when team chemistry improves and team spirit increases. Then you have to hire a coach, because the strength of the team depends on the coach. 

The cost indicator determines how strong players can be on the team. However, do not forget about tactics, you need to choose a trainer, repelling the tactical plan you want to follow, as each trainer has only one tactical scheme.

Always place the player in the position that is convenient for him to play. Being in their favorite position will be more profitable. As a general rule, when the players and coach are already signed, you should play as many matches as possible to improve the players and the team quickly. 

For a quick upgrade, play in the e-football section in the journey tournament, where you can find useful rewards.

If you're doing everything correctly, you should have team stats similar to those presented below.

Well prepared team with high team spirit.

How to play?

This is not an unequivocal question, you can talk as much as you like about the tactical plan of the team, how to play with weak teams, how to play with strong teams, what changes to make during the game, but it all always depends on the banal quick guidance. At first everything may seem difficult, but with time and experience, everything will work out. There are two main parts of the controller:

  • left part
  • right part

Left and right controls during the game.

left part

There is a directional stick on the left side. You can use it to move players left, right, up and down. The left side will always be a directional stick during attack and defense.

right part

During the attack , you will have these buttons available:

  • Pass
  • Feature
  • Shoot
  • Pela

Attack buttons pass, shoot, speak for themselves. A Through button is used to pass the ball through an opening in the defense. Dash is the only button that appears regardless of whether you control someone on offense or defense. Refers to running quickly with the ball. defense , you will have these buttons available:

  • To exchange
  • Feature
  • Face
  • Pressure

The Toggle button is used to find out which player you are monitoring. Rackle refers to using your feet to catch an opponent's ball. The push button is used to crowd an attacking player to increase the chance of coughing up the ball.

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