Earn money playing Warzone!

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Want to make money playing Warzone? Gaming Stars can make it happen. You can find out how below.

You've all been there. The intensity of the last circles. Heart racing, pumping blood. Will you bring home the dubs? Will you suffocate? That's why we love Warzone. But what if there was money at stake? Now, that would feel like a victory to remember.

No Gaming Stars, you can play the world's most popular video games against your friends for real money, with all the setup and administration done for you. They apply the concept of online poker to video games, and it's a great laugh.

Play with friends and win big

If you go to Gaming Stars, you can play Warzone for real money . After registering, you can set the bet and whether you prefer to play with your friends or alone. So you play our favorite Battle Royale Warzone and go for the win . And for low €1 stakes, you don't pay a platform fee . For bets around the €2-25 mark, the platform fee is 20%.

If you're addicted to Warzone but not an esports player yet, you can try the high-pressure game, even if it's just for a euro. And if it gets too sweaty, remember: the pros at Warzone play for a triple-figure jackpot. It's hard to imagine what must be going through their heads...

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Great variety of games

Gaming Stars is a German start-up based in Berlin and has been around since 2019, making Warzone more fun. But, In addition to Warzone, you can also compete in NBA 2K, Apex Legends, PUBG, Fall Guys, Fortnite, FIFA, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Its skill challenges are particularly exciting. Gaming Stars offers odds on certain in-game challenges (e.g. winning a Fortnite match with at least 5 kills). 

So you can play “against the house” and win big. This is a lot of fun and really brings intensity to the game, even if it's just a simple €1 bet. Check out the intro offer by clicking on the image below.

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