EA: Now only 26% of revenue comes from game sales

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The report EA for the last financial year revealed that game sales accounted for just over a quarter of its total revenue.

EA revealed that only 26% of its revenue came from game sales last year. The rest was generated by DLC, microtransactions, live and mobile service.

A EA revealed a number of details about its last financial year through your quarterly earnings call this week . The studio generated $6,19 billion during the financial year ended March 31, 2021. However, perhaps the most notable result of this staggering number was its collapse. 

Despite releasing 13 new games during this period, only 26% of revenue da EA was generated by the sale of premium games.

The others 74% of that $6,19 billion were made up of money brought in by DLC, microtransactions, mobile and live service. 

If nothing else, the numbers prove that the war on loot boxes is having very little effect on the EA to make money from them. Despite ongoing lawsuits and outright bans in some countries, FIFA's Ultimate Team has grown by 16% year on year.

Video games: evolving and changing.

– Just 26% of EA revenue came from premium game sales. The rest was from live service, DLC, mobile, microtrans.

– Ubisoft is shifting away from 3-4 premium AAA titles a year, plans to launch “high-end free-to-play” games.


— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) May 11, 2021
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Other highlights of the call include FIFA 21 amassing 25 million players in less than six months, and the player base of The Sims 4 reaching more than 36 million people. 

The continued success of Apex Legends it also proves as evidence that free games are where the real money is. The seventh season of Apex averaged 12 million players per week, not to mention the contribution of live service games to the company's total revenue. EA.

Highlights from EA:

Net Bookings were $6.19bn for FY21
EA released 13 games and had more than 42m new players
FIFA 21 has 25m players
FIFA Ultimate Team grew 16% YoY and FUT matches up 180%
Apex Legends season 7 had 12m weekly average players
The Sims 4 has almost 36m players pic.twitter.com/t36omDYrNs

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) May 11, 2021

This just shows why on the same day the EA revealed its annual earnings, the Ubisoft announced that it will move away from AAA releases and enter the F2P market. 

The studio's new strategy will focus heavily on "high-end free-to-play games," which could mean you'll have to wait longer than usual for the next game in the anthology of Assassin's Creed.

All of the above doesn't exactly represent a promising picture for people who enjoy nothing more than an in-depth single-player experience. 

However, despite the big studios shifting their focus to the profitable F2P cows of the industry, the epics single-player will never completely disappear from business. The success of the games Spider-Man da Insomniac and titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake proved that the market is very much alive.

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