E3 2021: Activision, Sega, and Bandai Namco have been added to the lineup

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As usual, despite these additions, Sony will not be attending E3.

As expectations rise for the gaming event after having the 2020 iteration canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The event is seeing big names piling up to showcase what they have to offer, with Activision, Sega e Bandai Namco also added to the list, as they were notably absent from the initial developer list.

A E3 this year will be held entirely online as it has been over a year for the entire COVID-19 fiasco, but an imminent threat still remains. 

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With the news of what happened with E3 2020, it was speculated that we would not have an E3 event this year as well, but the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), is organizing a digital event and to the surprise of many, it will be free for anyone to participate online. 

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A lot of opinions from the gaming community have surfaced regarding organizers maintaining paid access ahead of the event, but the ESA has proven the skeptics wrong, it seems.

E3 posted on Twitter on April 6 to announce the event and the dates on which it will be extended, which will be from June 12th to 15th. 

The event will bring gaming fans the latest and hottest news from the gaming industry, brought by the developing companies themselves, as new games, updates and more will be discussed at the premier gaming event.

E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, and is held annually in the summer to give developers a chance to showcase their upcoming projects, but also a direct way to interact with fans so they can get first-hand updates on the games they love.

As top developers continue to announce their presence at E3 2021, we will continue to see Sony absent from the conference, as every year the Korean developer has decided not to attend. 

Instead, it will have its own event to talk about exclusive titles from the PlayStation 5 and more about its available arsenal.

However, general games that will be available on other consoles alongside the PS5 will be showcased by their respective developers at E3.

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