Dying Light and Rust crossover event is already happening

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Techland does not rest and, in addition to the production of the new title in the franchise, it also brings exclusive content within the first Dying Light. This time, she closed a partnership with the developer Facepunch Studio and both worked on a special crossover with Rust. Within this event you will find new enemies, weapons and even challenges to complete.

Despite being something very good, at the moment the union of the two games is happening only on computers, which will continue until the 26th of April. It has not yet been revealed whether we will see anything like this on desktop consoles or not, which would be pretty boring if it turned out to be a negative. Fans who use the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One should also receive something of the kind, by the way.

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If you log into Dying Light now on PC, you'll get a free Rust bundle right away. It will feature an exclusive skin for the character, for his buggy and an assault rifle, a custom SMG and a rescued cutlass. There's also an in-game set, which you'll have to conquer by obtaining the assembly schemes and items to be able to use them properly.

In addition, among the new opponents you will encounter, there is also an all-new zombie that has a bucket-style helmet. That is, shots to the head won't have much effect and you may have to face him in melee in order to survive. Have heart for such a combat, but if you know of another way to take the creature down, feel free to try.

Meanwhile, the public is waiting for news about Dying Light 2. Techland revealed, on April 01st, that the game will be Ray Traced on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, but we are still waiting for the release date and the beginning of pre-releases. sales to be happy.

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