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    Dying Light 2: How to find the Cyberpunk 2077-inspired hidden weapon

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    Em Dying Light 2, it is possible to face small easter eggs and you will often receive a weapon to defy logic or obstacles. Here is a weapon hidden directly from the cyberpunk 2077 under the name Cyber ​​Hands 2177.

    Em Dying Light 2 it's possible discover different easter eggs which for some can be useful and others simply to amuse the players. 

    Some of them are very simple to reproduce and what we are going to present to you is a piece of cake. To reward you for all the stunts you perform, you can receive a wink weapon for the Cyberpunk 2077 game: the Cyber ​​​​Hands 2177 .

    First of all, you will have to go to Garrison in the second area of ​​the game, if you have done the quest that requires you to climb to the top of the torre VNC perfect , you will be able to take the elevator without much trouble, however if this is not your case then wait patiently for this mission and then go back to the guide when you reach the top as it will be much easier for you.

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    Once at the top of the VNC Tower, look to the right (southwest to be precise), you can find a small ledge that will allow you to see the other buildings. 

    Using your paraglider , you must make a first stop at the tower that has 3 radio antennas; It will allow you to retrieve an airdrop that offers military tech, but will be especially useful for paragliding over the second building to the south. It is easily recognizable as it is planted with trees on its roof.

    Once in the second and final building, look for the location, where you can find the “Liquidator” who will give you the blueprint for creating “Cyber ​​Hands 2177”. 

    However, there is one small problem; in fact, if you've completed the game's story, it won't appear. To get these seemingly not-so-effective weapons, you don't need to have completed the Dying Light 2 story. Unless the developers "fix" the issue, players won't be able to resolve this easter egg if the game ends (which is our case). ).

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