Dying Light 2 has a release date and a new name

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Learn More Dying light 2 stay human, and you can play this year.

A new release date for Dying Light 2 was revealed during a live broadcast of Techland, along with a new title, Dying light 2 stay human

Techland has now confirmed that Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4 e Xbox One em December 7, 2021

The new date comes after the game was delayed last year without confirmation of any release window. It was originally intended for a spring 2020 release, but Techland “needed more time to fulfill our vision”. 

However, we now know that we will be diving into the zombie-filled world of The City before the year is out. 

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Both the release date and the new name were revealed along with a lengthy gameplay trailer that shows how the game has developed since we saw it. Dying Light 2 last time at E3 2019 and gives an overview of the game's story. 

For this game you are exploring The City, which is humanity's last stronghold in a world overrun by a virus. You will use enhanced skills of parkour, just like in the original game, to explore its open world, with a focus on crafting and tactical combat. 

More Dying light 2 stay human it will also force you to make big choices that will impact the world and the events that take place within it.

For those who haven't played the original game, which originally came out in 2015, Techland is also launching a Dying Light Platinum Edition, which bundles the game and all of its DLCs into one affordable package, which is now available on Steam, GOG , the PlayStation Store (for PS Plus members) it's at Microsoft Store.

Pre-orders for Dying light 2 stay human are also launching today, with three retail editions and three digital editions up for grabs. Anyone who pre-orders, regardless of which edition they choose, will receive a digital Reload Pack, complete with an exclusive weapon, outfit and paraglider skin. 

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