Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance will add local co-op after launch

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It's scheduled to arrive alongside the first free DLC in June 22.

When developers Tuque Games announced Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance , they said there would be no local cooperation. 

Imagine! No local co-op on a spiritual successor to the series Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance , which honestly didn't have much other than excellent local co-op. It looks like the developers have listened to us, fans of the old hack and slash RPGs, as they now plan to add split-screen for two players in a free content update this summer following the game's release.

“We hear you loud and clear,” they tweeted. “After the launch of Dark alliance, our top priority is to support two-player split-screen couch co-op in Xbox Series X | S., PlayStation 5 e PC. "

Source: IGN

When I heard about the new game Dark alliance, I was heartbroken that there was no local cooperation. Part of the joy of playing the old Dark Alliance games was dragging people with you through the dungeons, I can't count how many times I invited my sister to start a character. 

And how else are grandmothers supposed to teach their grandchildren to play action RPGs? Connected? Have you ever seen a nan use the internet?

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I look forward to seeing how this new Dark alliance will be different from the 90s games of the same name. I readily admit that the first Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance isn't the best. 

Font: Tuque Games

I'm playing it again now as it was re-released on PlayStation last month ( it will come to PC for the first time later this year ) and while the story still holds up, I think my nostalgia glasses are making it look a lot more fun than it actually is.

It helps that I'm not playing alone, of course. BG: DA has local co-op on the same screen, rather than split screen. This leads to a lot of accidental deaths when one of us drags the camera, leaving the other trapped behind a wall or in the midst of several trolls. 

I think split-screen will be a lot nicer in that regard, although I do miss having to go head-to-head with my Player 2. Maybe I'll just get annoyingly close to them at the worst possible times, for old time's sake.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is coming to PC by Steam As well as PS5 e Xbox Series X em June 22. Its first free DLC will arrive sometime after that, over the summer, and that's when split-screen couch co-op should also make an appearance.

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