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    Dota 2 fan creates huge bug lists for Valve to help "perfect" the game

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    We all want our favorite games to be perfect, especially when we spend hundreds of hours playing them every year. 

    While most of the time this wish is often a wish, as gamers we are rarely able to act, there are some out there who do everything they can to solve gaming problems. And the Russian' Astiberon ' is one of those players.

    Over the past two months, Astiberon has thoroughly searched the Dota 2, analyzing every character, item, skin, and relic he can get his hands on. 

    After a quick inspection, he assembles a report detailing any incorrect descriptions, missing particles, and broken animations. Because? Because he wants to help Valve with the next Dota 2 patch.

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    “Why am I doing this? I really love this game and I want it to be perfect," Astiberon told The Loadout. “I started playing Dota 2 in 2016, I've played around 11.000 hours since then. I play a lot, but I know almost all the features and mechanics of the game, thanks to that, I can easily find various bugs in the game.”

    And he's been pretty determined to make a difference. In the last week alone, Astiberon discovered over 60 incorrect buff/debuff descriptions for the game's 122 heroes, more than 30 missing skill descriptions, seven incorrect item descriptions, and several broken skill bugs. That's not even counting the 70 or so bugs he found six months ago that still haven't been fixed.

    However, despite spending all this time separating the game, the 23-year-old is motivated by the change. “When I notice mistakes, I don't get angry – I'm just sad that they exist,” he says. “I post information about them so they can be fixed as soon as possible.”

    His work so far has been well received by the community, but he still hasn't gotten a response from Valve on the latest issue lists. But he's hopeful, I hope the dev team sees his reports and spends a little time fixing these issues before the game's big update next week.

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