DOOM Eternal: How to get the Super Shotgun

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There are a variety of powerful weapons that players can obtain in the DOOM Eternal to help them defeat the demonic forces of Hell. One of these formidable weapons is the Super Shotgun. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get the Super Shotgun


Players will have the ability to acquire this particular weapon during the third mission of the Doom Eternal campaign. THE Super Shotgun is locked and protected, which will require players to do a fun quest to add it to their inventory.

Players will find a room where an entrance will go up and down. Stay inside this entrance and go down to the lowest level.

Follow the path and climb on top of the yellow icon on the container in front of you. Go to the next level and hit the green icon on your left.

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Use the bar in front of you to swing towards the waypoint and then look back to jump where the armor can be found. Take the elevator to the next level and follow the path to the waypoint.

Swing on the yellow bars over the lava below you until you reach a room where you can control the Revenant. Use the Revenant to kill all enemies in the area so you can collect the Super Shotgun.

After killing all the enemies, use the Revenant's Jetpack and get the Super Shotgun, after that, go back to where the Slayer is and that's it, you got the Super Shotgun (One of the best weapons in the game and extremely fun because of the hook).

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