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    Don't expect new PlayStation exclusives to come to PC at launch

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    A Sony already released the ex-exclusives of PlayStation Horizon Zero Dawn e Days Gone to PC,  Uncharted 4 it may very well be the next one, but it looks like they still have plans for more. (Which is a good thing, because three games really aren't that many.)

    the head of PlayStation, Herman Hulst, says that the Sony “will keep looking at the right times” to bring more scloosies. From the looks of it, we probably won't see these exclusives on the PC at launch.

    “We are still at the beginning of our PC planning. It's the Horizon Zero Dawn has been very successful,” Hulst said in an interview on the PlayStation Blog . 

    “I want to emphasize that PlayStation will continue to be the best place to play our titles PlayStation Studios at launch. But we value PC gamers and will continue to look for the right times to release each game.”

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    But what are these “right times”, Herm? He cites the example of Days Gone, which arrived on PC last month, two years after it was released on PS4. It is also worth noting that Horizon Zero Dawn Arrived to PC last year, three years after its release to the PlayStationUncharted 4 it's also an even older offering, originally releasing in 2016.

    “We want to reach new players who haven't yet experienced the great stories, characters and worlds we've built,” adds Hulst. “Releasing games on PC will never cost you to build an exciting lineup of great console games.”

    It looks like they're committed to keeping their new scloosies for PlayStation gamers only for now, which makes sense from a business perspective. They want to sell more PS5s! This would be easier if they had some stock, but hey, that's a whole different problem.

    That means we probably won't see the new offers from PlayStationAs return ou Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, do not PC for a few years (if any). Hulst makes another comment a little later in that interview about the importance of having “windows” for the PS5. They can't just give away those cool games to just anyone, you know?

    While this is a little disappointing, as a former exclusive PlayStation, I'm excited to share some of my old favorites with my friends from PC who haven't had a chance to play them yet. If they just kept it up and already ported Bloodborne protocols for PC.

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