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Do you want to invest in the look of your weapons in Valorant and don't know exactly which skins to buy? Today we are going to show you the best Phantom Rifle skins from Valorant.

The Phantom is Valorant's most subtle assault rifle, offering less recoil and a silencer, it's arguably one of the best weapons in the game.

If you intend to buy a skin for your Phantom, you are in luck, as this weapon has several amazing skins with very good execution animations. These skins can do many things, from sucking your enemy into a black hole, to sending out a bull to launch your target into the air. But with so many options to choose from, there are definitely some skins that are better than others.

Here is our list of the best Phantom skins in Valorant:


Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

The Oni has roots in Japanese folklore, featuring a horned demon-like ogre directly in its design. Updating the skin's animations gives you a cool spiritual aura that emanates from the skin and a finisher that summons swords from the sky to trap your opponent as cherry blossoms fill the air. And let's not forget the beautiful AriZona Green Tea variant, which combines a mint green with shades of bright pink. As one of the oldest Phantom skins, Oni is certainly a great skin.


Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

Sublime//2.0 brought back the popular theme with a few minor tweaks, putting Phantom in the mix. And it doesn't disappoint.

Taking inspiration from a hypercar, according to senior weapons artist Chris Stone, the Sublime//2.0 is sleek, beautiful and modern. It maintains a reload animation similar to its predecessor by inserting some exhaust ports on the side so the light shines through. Your finisher literally summons a bull to launch your enemy into the air for a neon blast.

Glitchpop 2.0

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Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

Developers at Riot surprised fans with a second Glitchpop pack, delivering the popular line of skins for Valorant's most used weapons. And that was wonderful for players who like the cyberpunk theme.

In this skin, Phantom sports the familiar mix of neon colors and industrial frames seen in the previous pack. You also get humorous stickers that you can use everywhere. Also, finishing an opponent leads to an explosion of colorful ads. The weapon's skin is actually quite pretty, with its muted shots taking on a more futuristic tone.


Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

League of Legends players who are fans of Pulsefire skins will love Ion.

Ion uses a futuristic palette of white and blue, with a core in the center powering the charge. Each time you reload the weapon, you apparently replace the core with a new one. Its finisher blasts the enemy in a spherical electro-pulse. Ion is a skin for all tastes, as it is not too flashy or distracting and still offers a very beautiful appearance.


Source: Screenshot via Riot Games

Phantom Singularity is one of the skins with one of the best animations in the game.

Seemingly held together by a powerful force from space, the weapon deconstructs and rebuilds itself whenever you reload. His shot is like a small black hole that foreshadows his final animation, a larger black hole that sucks in his opponents never to be seen again (until the next round, of course). These skins have some of the best variants in the game, with the most intriguing being the lightning blue and yellow coloring. This skin is versatile and appeals to the general public, making it very attractive to most players.

That was our list of the best Phantom skins in Valorant. Do you think we left any skins off this list? Comment below. Take care, and until next time!

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