Discover five unconventional management games

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Discover five unconventional management games

Gone are the days when electronic games were only successful among teenagers, today these games are present in the routine of an increasingly diverse audience that grew even more during the period of social isolation imposed by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. 

Games are divided into several categories with specific style and gameplay characteristics. Among the most successful are MOBA, FPS, RPG, open world, simulation and management.

Today, we are going to list 5 unconventional management games. They are relaxing and at the same time challenging games that will conquer both experienced players and the public that has not yet started to venture into the world of electronic games. 

Before we start talking about the games themselves, it is important to clarify some aspects that made them enter the list:

1 – Not just conventional city simulators
2 – It has a different mechanics from other games

In case you didn't understand it right, don't worry, throughout the text we will explain why we chose each game and we are sure that they will be a beautiful addition to your game library.

Plague, Inc.

The first game on the list is a great success from independent developer Ndemic Creations, the game puts the player in control of a deadly disease, which can be a virus, a bacterium, a prion or even a biological weapon and to win the player has one goal, to completely decimate human life on earth.

Although it seems like a simple game at first, as we play and understand its complex mechanics, the game is capable of yielding several hours of gameplay and, more than ever due to the 2020 pandemic, it leaves us with butterflies in our stomachs.

The gameplay is very simple, the player must redeem points that will appear on the map and spend them on three attributes: Seriousness, Lethality and Contamination.

Each attribute has a kind of effect on the human population, contamination as the name implies helps you spread your disease faster around the globe, lethality comes down to how fast your host kills people and how serious it is. your illness. The game brings us this dynamic and it's up to the player to balance these three effects so that he doesn't get caught quickly by humans and they develop a cure.

Despite a more serious approach and apprehension due to the times we are living in, Plague inc is a great game that should guarantee hours of gameplay either through its campaign or through the scenarios developed by the community.

Bio inc

Unlike in the first game that the objective is to decimate the human race, in Bio inc the player aims to kill “only” his host. Developed by DryGin Studios, the game manages to create a fun atmosphere in such a delicate subject.

Another positive point of the game is that in addition to developing numerous diseases in the host, the virus manages to influence that person's habits, transforming them into sedentary and thus more prone to heart and stomach diseases, into alcoholics being more prone to diseases in the liver and kidneys and even influence them to have unprotected sex, putting them at risk of contaminating themselves with all types of STDs.

The game's gameplay is very simple, the player must collect the points that appear in each body system and must wisely manage and choose where to apply them.

In addition to being a very complete game with numerous scenarios in its main campaign, the game makes us reflect on whether the lifestyle we are leading is the healthiest.

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Two Point Hospital

The first two games we covered have as their main objective to destroy the human race, our third game on the list, luckily, is completely the opposite.
Two Point Hospital was developed by Two Point Studios and published by the acclaimed Sega. This game aims to simulate the daily life of a private hospital and it is up to the player to make the best choices for his business to flourish


With a very humorous approach and focus on diseases that don't exist, but that are very well portrayed in a comic way, the player will have to make choices that will directly impact the hospital's budget: Should I hire more doctors or expand my waiting room? Should I buy a new machine that diagnoses and cures a certain disease, or should I improve the training of my existing staff?

Despite looking like a conventional management game, its cartoon style, its exciting music and the challenges that the game poses to the player throughout the campaign make it surprise whoever is playing for the first time and guarantee lots of laughs and hours of fun. gameplay.

112 Operator

Continuing with the games that aim to save people, we could not forget the famous 112 Operator, developed by Jutsu Games.

The game aims to manage the emergency services (fire, paramedic and police) of that city.

Extremely complex and addictive, the game features several day-to-day situations on emergency lines, from hazing to gang combat.

With a system of upgrades for your units and resource management, this game will guarantee a lot of challenge for those who like a good resource management game.

Rebel inc

To close our list with a flourish, we're going to introduce you to one of the most fun, difficult and innovative games we've ever played.

Rebel inc is premised on the pacification of a state, that's right, its objective is to control the rebels of that region and transform that previously economically backward and bankrupt land into a thriving environment for its inhabitants.

The focus of the game is fighting the rebels, but the player also needs to create infrastructure in the city, education and even create highways so that the population is on their side instead of the insurgents.

Despite being quite difficult at first after getting the game mechanics and movement it becomes relatively easy and less stressful. The game has several game modes in addition to challenges that will demand the most from its players.

I hope you enjoyed this list and let us know in the comments which other games you would like to see here. 

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