Diablo 3's Best Demon Hunter Builds

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The best Diablo 3 Demon Hunter season 25 build will allow you to eviscerate the hordes of hell in style, so here's everything you need to know to do just that.

Lurking in the shadows with a thirst for revenge, Diablo 3's Demon Hunter uses his deadly ranged weapons to deal massive amounts of damage and take down enemies from a relatively safe distance.

This mystery class has a pretty high skill ceiling, however, boasting two features that need to be effectively micromanaged to ensure you can keep the momentum going.

Here's why you should use the Demon Hunter in Season 25 of Diablo 3, as well as a rundown of the best builds to take with you to Burning Hell.

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Diablo 3's Demon Hunter, Valla, was first revealed in 2010.

Is the Demon Hunter for me?

A good Demon Hunter can quickly level the battlefield, but there are a few setbacks. While the class can deal a large amount of damage, they will be backed against a wall if overwhelmed by enemies.

As a ranged attacker class, you will have to be much more active in managing the Demon Hunter traits and abilities to keep your opponents at bay. For people looking to take down the Prime Evils with arrows and a penchant for destruction then this class should be your way.

If you prefer to run into battle like a tank, we recommend playing Barbarian or Crusader. For those who prefer to run builds entirely remotely as a whole, you'll feel right at home with Wizard or Necromancer.

Is Demon Hunter good in Diablo 3 Season 25?

According to Maxroll.gg's list of key farming tiers, the Demon Hunter is a fantastic pick for Season 25 , with two builds in S-Tier and one further down in C Tier .

If maxing out your damage and farming keys are your main concern, or if you're looking to be flexible with your playstyles, there's a wide variety of playstyles to choose from.

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Diablo 3's Demon Hunter rains terror from afar.

Best Diablo 3 Demon Hunter build: Season 25

To ensure your Demon Hunter has as much survivability as possible, you'll want to run the GoD Ravenous Arrow construction, which provides fast , mobile gameplay which is great even when playing alone.

Based on armor set Gears of Dreadlands , it's important to note that this build continues the trend of the class's typically high skill ceiling. If you're looking for a challenge, this one is for you.

active skills

Below, we've listed all the skills included in this build, but be sure to prioritize increasing your stats in the following order of importance: Critical statistics , cold damage , hungry arrow damage e area damage .

Hungry ArrowDevouring Arrow
Preparationfocused mind
punishmentrocket storm
smoke screenDisplacement
RevengeDark Heart
 Caltrops / Companion / Shooting Tangle / Knife Range / Shadow PowerBladed Armor / Bait the Trap / Gloom / Shadow Glide

Passive Skills

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The passive skills you want to use for this particular build depend entirely on what you're looking to do. The two liabilities in bold must always be taken with you and then choose a variation of what you personally prefer:

  • Ambush
  • Consciousness
  • Blood Vengeance
  • eliminate the weak
  • Narcotic Traps
  • Perfectionist
  • Single Out
  • Tactical Advantage

Item and soul fragment construction

Using the right gear is essential for any build, so here's how to maximize your Diablo 3 Demon Hunter this season:

item typeYour name
Rudderdystopian glasses
NeckSquirt necklace
ShouldersMechanical Pauldrons
Trunkgalvanized vest
WaistHunter's Wrath
PulsesWraps of Clarity
HandsGas powered Automail forearm
Fingersfocus and constraint
LegsCold Cathode Pants
footold vintage reinforcement
main hand weaponFortaleza Balista
secondary weaponDawn
SuddenlyO Nono Cirri Satchel

Regarding the newly added soul shards that allow you to use the Prime Evils' own power, be sure to equip Sliver of Terrors in your Helm and Remnant of Pain on your Weapon. The first provides a large skill damage buff on cooldown , negating its drawbacks, while the latter adds a 100% critical strike chance to enemies who are incapacitated.

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter follower

While some don't play with a follower, they can help make or break your gameplay. Changes in Diablo 23 Season 3 allow you to customize your armor alongside your weapons, meaning they pack a lot more punch when properly matched and equipped with a particular build.

We recommend bringing the witch , with an emphasis on Intelligence , Vitality e percentage of life Above all. She's also the only follower that cuts down on cooldowns - making her an important choice to keep her skills in play.

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Now that you know the best build for the Demon Hunter, let's look at some alternatives.

Alternative compilation of Diablo 3 Demon Hunter

If Hungry Arrow's high-damage but hard-to-master build doesn't interest you, fear not! The next two builds are in layers S and C , being one of them the perfect choice for those looking for a less intense construction.

Unhallowed Essence Multishot compilation

The Unhallowed Essence Multishot construction for beginners Ă© mobile , prioritizing long range e great damage . While it is the perfect choice for the less experienced, it can be taken even further for those looking to delve deeper into the class.

Running this build will make you feel incredibly powerful as you destroy hordes of enemies in the blink of an eye.

Safe boxWhich gives
Revengeany rune
elusive fireFocus
Smokescreen / Shadow PowerDisplacement, Wolf Companion, Boar Companion / Shadow Slip

Build Sentinel Marauder

While this build gets lower in level C for season 25, if traveling with a pet series is your place, Marauder Sentry is the build for you.

Commanding seven pets at once, you'll be dealing an incredible amount of AoE damage over a wide range, although you suffer from a lack of mobility and need to micromanage things to make sure you're not overwhelmed.

PartnerAny of Bat / Boar / Ferret / Spider / Wolf
elusive fireN / D
Sentinelpolar station
Safe boxWhich gives
RevengeSeethe / Dark Heart

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the best Diablo 3 Demon Hunter season 25 build.

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