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    Developer says Returnal crashes are Sony's problem

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    Some players are facing more than the usual death in Returnal. In addition to the time loop that they entered, they have been complaining about some crashes in the title on PlayStation 5. According to the official statement from the developer, Housemarque, the problem is in Sony's platform and not in its game. That is, they took theirs off the line of all criticism related to this factor.

    A company spokesperson used the official Discord group to inform the public that they are already analyzing what may have happened in relation to the choking. "We sent our report to them, specifically speaking it has to do with the preboot system." In the meantime, if the same problem occurs on PS5, you will have to restart the game anyway until it is fixed.

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    Obviously this isn't Returnal's only problem, but it's not in the developers' hands to solve. Housemarque stated that there will be an update soon to resolve the audio issues, end this story of the invisible Barnacles that appear every now and then and get everything working perfectly with the remapping of the commands.

    The lack of a rescue option is also among the company's plans, which did not disclose what may have caused the problem. Probably someone forgot to put it in, who knows, right? In the same update they will also fix the issue for users who are using the costume given in the pre-order, which blocks some options for the players and forces them to start over with the common one in order to continue on their journey.

    However, this is not even close to some of the complaints we made in our review. Does that make Returnal a bad game? Of course not, it is one of the excellent games of this new wave and deserves your attention. However, proceed with caution. The title is exclusive to PlayStation 5 and launched last Friday, April 30, 2021.

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