Destiny 2: The Season's Best Auto Rifles (and How to Get Them)

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Automatic rifles are some of the most consistent and reliable weapons in the world. Destiny 2 in all activities, and the best have perks that increase your skill.

Auto Rifles are some of the  Destiny 2 It is the most consistent and reliable weapon in all activities, and the best Auto Rifles have perks that greatly improve their ability. 

These weapon types are really the centerpiece of the most successful weapon types in Destiny 2 , as automatic rifles are deadly in the hands of beginners and veterans alike. Finding the best automatic rifles is a challenge, but it's worth getting them in  Destiny 2.

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Season of the Lost gives auto rifles an anti-champion mod. When equipped, players can interrupt Barrier Champions. There are many Legendary + Lost Sectors and Nightfall quests that require this mod. Equipping it with an automatic rifle ensures players have an anti-champion weapon and a lesser enemy compensation weapon. 

Legendary and higher difficulties in any mission prevent Guardians from switching their loadouts, so Auto Rifles have more utility in PvE than most weapons where Barrier Champions are present.

Auto Rifles haven't seen a strong presence in PvP from Destiny 2  for a few seasons, but there are still great auto rifles that provide competitive loadouts. Auto Rifles can play many roles in PvP, though they typically excel in close-range and mid-range combat. 

With the right perks, the best auto rifles in Destiny 2, namely,  The Last Breath, SUROS Regime, Gnawing Hunger, Scathelocke  e  Chroma Rush , are excellent choices for PvP and PvE activities.

The Last Breath

The Last Breath It is a Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle with an adaptable frame and a rate of fire of 600 RPM. The Last Breath is one of the many weapons of Season of the Lost  that were brought back from the previous sunset, and their return has given them an updated perk pool. 

The Last Breath is only available through the Destiny 2 Prophecy dungeon in the cube room encounter. Once players receive the first one, The Last Breath can also be claimed from the two secret chests inside the dungeon. While this particular auto rifle is better for PvE, its best perks are also useful in PvP.

These are the best perks for The Last Breath Auto Rifle in Destiny 2:

  • Legendary hammer-forged rifling cannon : increases range
  • Legendary Mag Magazine attached : Significantly increases magazine capacity
  • Demolitionist Legendary Perk 1 : Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating the grenade skill recharges The Last Breath
  • Frenzy Legendary Perk 2 : Being in combat for a long time increases the damage, handling and reload of this weapon until the user is out of combat

Chroma Rush

Chroma Rush is a relatively new weapon for  Destiny 2  , as it was first introduced in Season of the Splicer. This automatic rifle is another kinetic weapon, but it excels with a 720 RPM Rapid-Fire frame, giving it a faster reload speed when the magazine is empty. 

Fortunately, the Chroma Rush auto rifle also has a bigger magazine and some added perks can increase it even further. Chroma Rush can be acquired through Season of the Splicer activities, which remain active in Destiny 2 until the Witch Queen expansion arrives in February 2022. Additionally, players can earn this weapon by focusing Umbral Engrams in HELM.

These are the best perks for the Chroma Rush auto rifle in Destiny 2

  • Legendary Arrowhead Brake Barrel : Increases handling and significantly increases recoil control
  • Tactical Mag Legendary Magazine : Increases stability, reload speed and magazine size
  • Legendary Subsistence Perk 1 : Defeating targets partially recharges the reserves magazine
  • Rampage Legendary Perk 2 : Kills with this weapon temporarily increase damage up to three stacks
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SUROS Regime

SUROS Regime is an Exotic Auto Rifle that has been in Destiny 2 since Year 1, and for good reason. The SUROS Regime has a fast kill time and phenomenal aim, making it one of the best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2.  

O SUROS Regime outperforms all other Exotic Rifles, but unfortunately, with so many changes in recent seasons, this weapon has become a sleeper. It's challenging to build the perfect loadout for end-game content and have an Auto Rifle in the Exotic slot when there are multiple Legendary Auto Rifles that are just as, if not more, viable.

However, for those who do not have the SUROS Regime, or are not preparing for Grandmaster Nightfalls, the SUROS Regime is a perfect match for many of the activities in  Destiny 2.  

While there is no catalyst for this Exotic, it can still be obtained from Exotic Engrams or Xur. The SUROS Regime's exotic perk is SUROS Legacy, where the bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and has a chance to return health on kill. s

Pinning Up is another perk unique to SUROS Regime, where holding down the trigger increases the rate of fire, making this auto rifle impressive in PvP.

Gnawing Hunger

Gnawing Hunger is another Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle with an adaptable frame and 600 RPM fire rate, but this auto rifle is a Void Energy weapon. Gnawing Hunger has been one of the best automatic rifles ever since it was introduced in  Season of the Drifter , and there is no shortage of perks that make this weapon one of the best automatic rifles to use. 

Also, some of the best things about Gnawing Hunger are its clean scope and easy-to-manage indent pattern. While more useful in PvE, Gnawing Hunger builds a good niche in PvP with Demolitionist and Tap the Trigger rather than Subsistence and Rampage. 

Grabbing a gnawing hunger can be difficult, however, because it's a legendary world engram weapon. It can also be obtained from Destiny 2 vendors like Banshee-44 and Xur occasionally.

These are the best perks for the Gnawing Hunger Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

  • Legendary Equalizer barrel with chamber : Increases stability and recoil control and slightly decreases handling
  • Legendary Mag Magazine attached
  • Legendary subsistence perk 1
  • Rampage Legendary Perk 2


Scathelocke is another Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle with an adaptive frame and a rate of fire of 600 RPM. Scathelocke has also been brought back from its waning state in Season of the Lost with new perks. It has an incredible overall stat package, making it arguably the best Auto Rifle in  Destiny 2

It is very similar to Gnawing Hunger's performance. There are a lot of great perks to choose from for this weapon and luckily its perks are great for PvP, but all in all it's a phenomenal PvE weapon that every Guardian should have for Grandmaster Nightfalls in Destiny 2 . As a Gnawing Hunger, Scathelocke can be obtained through Legendary world Engrams, Banshee-44 and Xur.

These are the best perks for the Scathelocke Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

  • Legendary Arrowhead Brake Barrel
  • Tactical Mag Legendary Magazine
  • Legendary subsistence perk 1
  • Rampage Legendary Perk 2

Destiny 2  is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia.

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