Destiny 2: Season 14 introduces an in-game armor transmutation system

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With Season of the Chosen finally ending, Bungie has begun to outline what's to come for gamers. Destiny 2 . 

While the studio remains silent on what the beats theme of Season 14's story will be, fans have been getting substantial looks at some of the changes to come for the live service title.

Part of this involves more weapon balancing, perk changes, as well as the long-awaited return of the classic Destiny known as Vault of Glass .

However, for most players, the most exciting news of Season 14 is Destiny 2's version of a system transmog. While Bungie refers to this system as Armor Synthesis, players will once again be able to visit Ada-1 in the tower to start crafting new universal ornaments. 

While fans are thrilled that this much-requested system is finally being implemented, how this new transmog system has been implemented has been a sore point for the community to really maximize it, players will likely need to spend real money.

While Bungie remains silent on any potential changes to plans for armor synthesis, the system itself can be a bit confusing as it features a series of steps players will need to take before being able to convert armor to ornaments. Here's everything players of Destiny 2 need to know about Armor Synthesis.

Source: Destiny 2

What is Armor Synthesis?

While it may have different names based on the game being played, Armor Synthesis is essentially a transmog system that allows players to completely customize their characters' appearance without actively altering equipped armor. 

Most loot-based games feature a system like this, as it allows players to continue using the best gear in terms of stats, but changing the armor's appearance to something that might be more appealing or fit what the player wants.

For Destiny 2, players will be able to convert their current gear into universal ornaments, a system that changes the appearance of their armor into something entirely different. Former Black Armory merchant Ada-1 will be responsible for this new system, offering new rewards to players who reward materials needed to make this process happen.

How Does Armor Synthesis Work?

As with most things in Destiny 2, players won't be able to start making embellishments right at the start of Season 14. The process involves a number of resources that need to be acquired in a specific order. 

Destiny 2 players should prepare for another grind when defeating enemies drops a material known as a Synthstrand, which is then given to Ada-1 in packs of 150 to unlock activity-specific rewards. 

Completing these rewards awards the player with Synthcord, which can be converted at the Ada-1 loom in the Tower to create Synthweave. This material is then used to unlock armor appearances from the player's Collections tab on a Universal Armor Ornament.

Bungie's goal with the rewards system was to allow players to earn Synthcord through their favorite activities, rather than forcing them to play something they don't necessarily want to spend their time doing. 

Five categories will be available, covering Vanguard-related activities such as Nightfalls and Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Destination-related tasks, as well as Raids and Dungeons. 

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Players are encouraged to choose the correct rewards for the activity they wish to undertake, as dropping a reward will reward some but not all of the Synthstrand spent.

Source: Destiny 2

Things to Keep in Mind

Bungie has been very clear about how the system works, although some of the requirements they set are not pleasing the community. As it stands now, players can only earn ten Synthweave per class each season beyond Season 14.

To celebrate the upcoming season, Bungie has doubled this total, allowing players to earn up to 20 Synthweave per class. On paper, that means players have the option of converting four full sets of armor or 20 individual pieces.

Once the cap is reached for that season, the player will have to wait until the next season to continue earning more simply by playing.

For those who want to go beyond that hard limit, Bungie is making Synthweave available for purchase in the store. Eververse Microtransaction . A single token costs 300 Silver, while 5 runs players 1.000 Silver. While this could apply to any class, fans are concerned about the hard cap each season as Destiny 2 currently features so many pieces of armor that to keep to the free method it would likely take players 13 years to transmute each piece. of the armor.

 Naturally, this is an impossible and unrealistic task, which leads players to spend real money to get what they want.

Also, this armor synthesis system can only be used on legendary armor and has zero effect on exotic gear. Bungie's reasoning is that Exotics need to maintain their default appearance so that players can identify them and understand what perks that player might be utilizing in that particular activity.

Certain Year 1 armor sets will also be excluded from this new ornament system due to technical restrictions. Year 1 armor sets include Vanguard, Crucible, Iron Banner, Faction Rally, Prestige Raids, and ill-fated Trials of the Nine gear. 

Fortunately, Bungie intends to address this issue next season, so players should just hang on to their gear for now. Armor Glows from the 2018 and 2019 Solstice of Heroes events also cannot be fitted into the new appearance system, although the 2020 versions were developed with this in mind and will work as intended.

Source: Destiny 2

And How Much Aos Shaders?

To go along with Armor Synthesis, Bungie has also made sweeping changes to the shader system, the way players can further customize their appearance through different color patterns. 

While the current system has received a lot of criticism over the years, in season 14 players can now apply shaders to each piece of armor at the same time, or individually, as it currently works. Legendary shards are no longer needed to apply new shading, just glow.

Even better, Season 14 ditches the current consumable aspect for shaders. Each unlocked color scheme now appears within the Guardian Appearance screen, so players don't need to go into Collections to pull off the colors they want in advance.

 These systematic improvements should make the customization process much easier than it is now for players, who constantly have to switch between multiple screens and menus. Also, with revised systems powering shaders that now make colors apply to armor much better, players should have more ways to explore their creativity and make their guardian the way they want.

Destiny 2 I  is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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