Destiny 2's Guardian Games adds weekly playlist, new stages for competition

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Destiny 2's Guardian games are back for their second year, appearing in-game with their weekly reset on April 20th. Like last year's version, the event pits Destiny's three character classes against each other in a battle for supremacy that will include special rewards including last year's Exotic Machine Gun, Apparent Heir, and new armor and cosmetics. 

But this year's Guardian Games will work a little differently than last year's, with additions that can make the battle less complicated. Bungie has released most of the details about the Guardian Games on its website, with the information on how the Games will actually work contained in a guide. 

The biggest change is the addition of a weekly playlist that will help you tackle the competition, putting you together with other members of your class, adding to the team effort that Guardian Games is conjuring up. There are also more stages to earn medals to advance your team, which can make the whole competition a little fairer.

Like last year, you will visit Eva Levante in the Tower and collect a special Guardian Games class item that you will use to participate in the event. Whenever you kill enemies in Destiny 2's various activities, you drop class-specific particles called Laurels. Other players can pick up these Laurels and use them to participate in the Games, and you'll also need to pick them up from other players. 

The guide doesn't mention this, but hopefully the Laurels you earn from players of the same class as you count towards more than those you pick from players of a different class.

Once you have Laurels, you'll take them back to Eva Levante and spend them like currency. You'll be able to buy Eva rewards that you can complete to earn things like experience points, Bright Dust, and more Laurels. But the most important thing to buy will be the contender cards for specific activities: the Trials of Osiris, Nightfall Strikes, Strikes playlists, Gambit, and the Crucible.

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Completing the Competitor Card objectives earns you a Gold medal for Strikes, Wager, and the Crucible, and Platinum for Attempts and Nightfall. You will then take those medals back to the Guardian Games podium in the Tower and hand them over to earn points for your class. The class with the most points at the end of the Guardian Games wins, with the closing ceremony taking place May 7-11.

This is a little different from last year's Guardian Games, which also had you collecting Laurels, but which awarded medals a little differently. Essentially, you bought everything, including medals, with Laurels effectively, whichever class played with the most won (and ended up being the Titans for a landslide victory). 

This year's addition of Contender Cards looks like it will greatly encourage players to take on more difficult activities, which can level the playing field a bit. Then again, you should absolutely expect players to figure out how to manipulate the system very early on, so who knows how things will actually play out.

According to the trailer, you'll also be able to "represent your class in weekly playlists," which look like Strikes that will only pair you with other members of your character class. This should make earning Laurels much faster and give players a better way to increase their earnings. That said, you'll still have to defeat the Contender Cards to really advance.

Guardian Games will also include their own set of triumphs, which will award medals. Like last year, you will be able to earn the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun by completing a specific mission as part of the Guardian Games. If you already have that machine gun you can try your new Exotic catalyst there is a chance it will drop every time you deposit a medal on the podium for the Tower Games.

Source: Bungie

There is also a welter of cosmetic items associated with Games that you can earn. Last year's class-specific Ghost cartridges, the Rival Titan, Rival Warlock, and Rival Hunter cartridges, are all back and can be purchased from Eva with Laurels. There's the new Color of Speed 鈥嬧媠parrow, which you'll unlock by earning points for your class and completing Triumphs. And there's a new set of armor and other new Ghost projectiles, which you'll pick up from the Eververse Store.

Guardian Games start on April 20th and run through May 11th, and they look like a good opportunity to wrap up your Seasonal Challenges for Season of the Chosen, which can earn you a lot of Bright Dust. Check out our Seasonal Challenges guide to see what you have to offer.

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