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    Destiny 2 players make interesting gambit suggestions

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    Destiny 2 players contribute their thoughts on the current state of Gambit mode to a topic with a popular new idea in particular.

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    Introduced with the release of Destiny 2 's Forsaken expansion, Gambit has proven to be a popular and often controversial option for PvPvE action. Even now, with Gambit's relevance to current content shrinking season by season, Destiny 2 players continue to have heated discussions about the mechanics and balance of the mode. In fact, a recent thread on a highly upvoted thread on Reddit did just that, offering an idea of ​​how Bungie could improve Destiny 2's Gambit mode as it currently stands.

    The Reddit post was originally shared by user Icybjerg and he gives his idea for Gambit in the title. It's "BUNGIE! If the enemy team summons a primeval and we are still getting specks, THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO INVADE!” Suffice it to say that they are using tried-and-true Reddit strategies of shouts, exclamation points, and caps lock with great success. However, the post has over 4.600 upvotes on the Destiny 2 subreddit, with many players offering a similar sentiment towards Gambit in need of improvement.

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