Destiny 2: New 'Splicer' season has arrived with a long list of bugs and glitches

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To say that the Splicer Season of Destiny 2 got off to a rocky start would be an understatement. The season that brings Guardians a new system of controversial armor transmog arrived first by shutting down the servers for several hours so that the Bungie could handle all error messages"honeydew” that players were getting.

A day later these issues were largely resolved, but then players started discovering bug after bug, which doesn't look good when you list them all together.

Bungie acknowledged most of these issues in the blog post” This Week At Bungie â€ from yesterday, but a Reddit post that appeared several hours earlier actually took longer. 

Source: Destiny 2

The two posts agree on several issues, notably the fact that Presage no longer decreases level rewards Pinnacle, Valor, Glory, and Infamy values ​​are no longer given when playing their respective playlists and Guardian Games, as the player's halo and medal box remained linked even after the event closed on Tuesday.

But perhaps the bug that is gaining the most rage is the Deep Stone Crypt, which still offers rewards Pinnacle, although it doesn't actually offer. Bungie has confirmed that the raid no longer provides Pinnacles at the start of the week, a move that confuse and annoys players.

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O post to Reddit de Chiramijumaru contains even more items that Bungie has yet to recognize, as the Sleeper Stimulant has not taken the 15% precision damage that most other Linear Fusion Rifles have taken with the current season. 

Bastion did not have its propagation nerfed as indicated in a TWAB previous, Chaos Reach is still going through walls and many pieces of armor are not available for use in the new Armor Synthesis system.

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But perhaps the biggest problem with Season Splicer be the system itself Armor Synthesis. The players discovered yesterday that there is a timed lock that requires more than 25 hours of continuous play to embellish a complete set of armor. 

Of course, you can get around this time limit, as well as the 10 armor transmogs per season limit, by spending real money on Eververso.

None of these issues were really addressed in this week's TWAB, but that's almost certainly because the main focus of Bungie during the week is to resolve critical bugs that are preventing players from playing the game. 

We will likely see at least some sort of recognition of these problems before Vault of Glass arrive at the end of this month.

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