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    Destiny 2: How to Get Fatebringer

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    Fatebringer, one of the most popular hand cannons in Destiny, returned to Destiny 2 and this guide details how to get it.

    Destiny 2 has hundreds of weapons for players to hunt, but some are more attractive than others. A Hand Cannon class has recently returned to the game in the form of the Fatebringer, and veteran Guardians will remember it as something of a monster from the original Destiny. 

    thanks to the privilege Dragonfly, which caused enemies to explode if killed with a precision hit, it was used to quickly clear large rooms of enemies on every planet in the system. The perk system has changed a bit from the original game, however.

    The good news is that not only the Fatebringer is back, but it can also work with Firefly, the slightly better version of Dragonfly which is available on Destiny 2 . Therefore, although it is not easy to obtain due to the random nature of the tests in Destiny 2 , players can get a version of the Fatebringer which is extremely close to the original that they will come to know and love.

    Get Fatebringer it's also very simple and will be a process veteran Guardians will be familiar with. 

    All they need is to jump to the Vault of Glass Raid and start cleaning up the encounters. Encounter chests have a chance to drop weapons and armor Vault of Glass, and players will have a chance to grab the Fatebringer thus. Remember, this only works for encounter chests. 

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    While the chests hidden in Vault of Glass can drop weapons, they will only drop weapons that players have already received in Raid. As such, they will need to keep farming until they get at least one Fatebringer from an encounter chest.

    While veteran players might think that a race to the Vault of Glass will be a simple perspective, they should be aware that some mechanics have changed since the days of Destiny original . Encounters like the Labyrinth of GĂłrgona contain some minor differences that may surprise players if they enter too quickly.

    As before, the Vault of Glass ends with a fight against Atheon , and this was also changed with a lot of old tricks that Guardians used to use to take down the creature Vex that no longer worked. 

    Still, successfully finishing each encounter will give players the chance to get their hands on a Fatebringer and it might even bring them a test that is close to the classic glory of the old version.

    In fact, there are many other good weapons in the Vault of Glass, like the Vex Mythoclast , so players have plenty of reasons to assemble a fire team and jump into this classic fireworks content. Destiny .

    Destiny 2 I  is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

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