Destiny 2: How to complete the Season 5 Week Challenges

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A Bungie will release Week Five challenges for Season of the Splicer, and here are the full details for the latest objectives from Destiny 2.

It's officially the midpoint of Season of the Splicer, so let's take a look at the challenges you'll need to complete for the newest season of Week Five of Destiny 2.

Hunting Synthstrand and acquiring the new Exotic weapons is still the modus operandi for many Destiny 2 players and it's how they're taking up their time. Along with players still finding ways to enjoy the  Vault of Glass Raid , the Bungie is busy working to improve the game with the  hotfix  e .

Thanks to  DestinyTracker , we know about this week's challenges, and they will be available to players from  June 8 .

So let's examine what week five of the Splicer season has in store for us.

Season of the Splicer – Fifth Challenges of the Week

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If you need to refer to these challenges while playing Destiny 2, you can find the Challenges in the selection of Missions on the menu.

Here's the full list of Week Five's Season of the Splicer challenges:

  • Changing Views – Talk to Splicer Servitor and complete Path of Splicer V, and defeat the mighty Hive anywhere in the system. Bonus progress for Hive defeated in Override
  • Accelerated Expunge: Tartarus – Complete Expunge: Tartarus in 6 minutes or less
  • Crack and Decrypt II – Unlock Conflux chests by completing Override quests. Decryption Station for Splicer Engrams in Prismatic Recaster using decrypted data
  • Grenade Launcher Splicer – In Override or Expunge, defeat combatants with Grenade Launcher. Earn bonus progress by quickly defeating them
  • Apex Armorer – Masterwork a piece of armor
  • Serenity of the Void – Acquire the Seasonal Ritual Weapon
  • Beyond the legendary – Earn Value ratings
  • The Undying – Complete any Nightfall move on Legend or higher without dying

Season of the Splicers challenges are here and will be retroactive until this season ends and the next one begins.

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