Destiny 2 giving away free exotic gear to top game members

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Destiny 2 players can pick up three free Exotics at Prime Gaming.

Members of the Prime gaming can now unlock multiple free exotic items in Destiny 2 , including the Exotic Spicy Ramen Emote and the Future Perfect Exotic Ghost Shell. 

To redeem your free gear, simply link your accounts Bungie e The Amazon before going to Amanda holliday no hangar da Torre.

We got a nice surprise for our @DestinyTheGame players 🍜 With #PrimeGaming, you can unlock a Rare Emote! Also unlock:

❄️Exotic Emote – Spicy Ramen
❄️Exotic Ship – Ikora's Resolve
❄️Exotic Ghost Shell – Future Perfect
❄️Legendary Sparrow – Jagged Darksun

- Prime Gaming (@primegaming) April 21, 2021

Prime gaming is constantly giving away free gear for a variety of games, but a recent collaboration with Bungie means you can expect to see a lot of exclusive content coming to the Destiny 2 in the next weeks. For now, there are four in-game items you can pick up for free – three of which are Exotic:

  • Emote Exotic Spicy Ramen
  • Ikora’s Resolve Exotic Ship
  • Future Perfect Shell Exotic Ghost
  • Jagged Darksun Legendary Sparrow

Six similar packages are expected to arrive in the future, though details have yet to be announced.

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I hope your accounts Bungie e Amazon Prime are linked, you should be able to easily send the unique items to Amanda holliday, although Amazon provides a detailed rundown if you need to do a little troubleshooting.

Free Exotics are always welcome, and it will be interesting to see what other items will be added in future packs.

Destiny 2 has been keeping gamers busy lately with its recently released second season of Guardian Games. 

This sees all three classes Warlocks, Titans and Hunters competing against each other to earn a trophy at the end of the event. 

Last year, the Titans emerged victorious after an initial lead by the Hunters, earning a small statue for their efforts.

While Destiny 2 continues to get impressive numbers, Bungie is hard at work on an unannounced new IP. According to recent listings for the title, it will feature competitive multiplayer and an eSports scene, although it is well known.

For now, be sure to claim your Free Destiny 2 Exotics if you're an Amazon Prime member, and check back in the coming weeks to see when new packages become available.

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