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    Days Gone: How to unlock the secret ending

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    We will explain to you how to unlock the secret ending of Days Gone and some additional information about it.

    You need to first clear almost everything available to do in the game:

    • Kill every Horde of Freakers on the move;
    • Drive the bandits out of all ambush camps;
    • Gather all that weird AICP technology.

    After that, you can finally go after the secret ending.


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    After getting rid of the crazy militia, fighting the final battle and seeing the credits, you return to the world. To see the secret ending, you'll have to keep yourself busy for a while until the scientist NERO O’Brian send a message wanting to set up a date (fast traveling and completing side quests speeds up this message waiting process).

    After the call, you will start a quest: 'There is nothing you can do', which begins at the Old Pioneers Cemetery. Go there, talk to O'Brian and get ready for the mother of all bombs.

    Once it's all over, you'll unlock the recipe for crafting a secret weapon that uses all technology Days Gone IPCA you have collected and a custom design Finding NERO to add to the skins of Days Gone for your motorcycle.

    You'll also see a completion percentage, but don't worry if you don't reach 100%, because it's tied to other activities you've completed in the world.

    Image Credits: Bend Studio

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