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Storing weapons in Days Gone is not a very simple experience. See how you can keep all your weapons safe and secure.

Days Gone is a nerve-wracking adventure and it's so easy to get overwhelmed by the hordes of Freakers lurking in every area. If Deacon has any hope of surviving his adventure, he's going to need a lot of firepower. Weapons are fairly easy to find in Days Gone, but you won't be able to carry all of them with you into battle..

You'll need a safe place to store the weapons you unlock, as well as an easily accessible stash that allows you to freely exchange weapon shipments. Days Gone offers both of these things, but unfortunately, the game isn't very clear on how to access them. See how you can store weapons and swap loadouts in Days Gone .

How to Store Weapons

Storing weapons isn't all that important in the early hours of the game, but it quickly becomes apparent that there are plenty of firearms to unlock as Deacon progresses through each area. At some point, players will find themselves carrying more weapons than they are capable of using.

Weapon lockers will keep all of Deacon's gear safe, but when and where to access them is a bit confusing.

Cabinets can be found :

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  • At any of the merchants found around the camps.
  • There are lockers located inside the Ambush Camp bunkers.
  • Deacon will always have access to a weapons locker in a hideout.
  • Lockers can even be found at NERO checkpoints.

Accessing a weapons locker will give Deacon access to all of his weapons and will allow it to swap and swap loadouts freely. Speaking to a merchant will give players the option to purchase firearms or access a weapons locker.

Why Use Gun Cabinets?

Weapon lockers become vitally important in later areas in Days Gone. Hordes get bigger, enemies get stronger, and weapons become useful in specific scenarios. Certain missions may require rapid-firing assault rifles, while others prefer the long range of a carbine. If it's close range, you'll definitely want a shotgun, and sometimes the horde is so big that you need additional magazine capacity and bigger weapons.

Notes on Gun Cabinets

While being able to store weapons and freely swap loadouts is extremely useful for certain missions in Days Gone, the system is far from perfect . There are a few caveats that can make the system frustrating and players may find themselves looking for weapons early in the game more often than using lockers.

  • Lockers can only be used to store purchased or unlocked weapons (deleted weapons cannot be stored).
  • Weapons can only be purchased from merchants after gaining enough trust. (Trust can be earned by completing objectives in and around camps.)
  • Some weapons are unlocked (instead of purchased) as the story progresses.
  • Weapons can be customized with accessories.
  • Perhaps the biggest advantage is that Deacon can buy ammo from Gun Cabinets.
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