Days Gone: How to find the best weapons in the game

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the world of Days Gone is hardcore, the fight for survival is constant. Things can change from smooth to insane very quickly. That's why it's always good to be prepared, for whatever comes and comes.

That's why we've prepared some tips for you, so you don't get hurt.


Fonte: Days Gone

When it comes to spitting bullets, the best Days Gone it's the submachine gun Chicago Chopper. A gangster-style machine gun (those that weigh your finger), with a rapid fire auto and a magazine with a capacity of 55 bullets. As if it were not enough to have 55 bullets in the magazine and a sinister burst, it still kills enemies with a single shot. GG END GAME.

As such, holding off large hordes is his specialty, as he lays down 55 zombies with a clip. Grenade, I have it but I don't even use it! hahaha

If you are still not finding the Chicago Chopper extremely stolen, there is a way to increase this account. with the skill RAISING THE BET it is possible to load up to 330 bullets. However, you will probably only get this skill close to Wizard Island. She should be one of the last to be released, but she will be useful against the hordes.


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Now let's get to know the best melee weapon, and its name is MASHED TACO, combined with the skills PANCADÃO, WHO SAYS WHAT THEY WANT e HOME RUN. These skills are critical for melee weapons to have a really high effective over the hordes.

Like all melee weapons, it suffers from wear and tear. have the skill WORK AROUND unlocked, in order to be able to repair it on the field, and thus not lose this powerful weapon. It uses a lot of scrap, but the cost vs. benefit worth it.

It is earned during the missions of AMBUSH HUNTER. Complete these quests until you learn the crafting recipe. With about 50% of these missions done, you should be able to do it.


At the beginning of the game, you will not have access to many resources and weapons. It will also not be possible to face waves of Freaks at first. So focus especially on stealth. Therefore, give preference to the Beast, to the CLUE WITH POINTS and pistol with silencer.

The beast is ideal. It makes no noise, and all it takes is a few twigs and a piece of scrap to make bolts. Plants that provide appropriate branches can be marked on the mini-map with the skill EAGLE EYE. A good idea is to unlock the skill SNAPSHOTS. It allows you to retrieve some fired darts.

For combats against Freaks, except hordes, the ideal is the use of melee weapons. You are likely to run out of ammo very quickly.

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